Average White Band "On The Trip"


Widely and rightly regarded as one of the best ever soul and funk bands, the now legendary Average White Band tore-up the rule book and conquered the US, UK & International charts with a series of soul and disco hits between 1974 and 1980. AWB’s repertoire has been a source of inspiration and influence for many R&B acts and they are one of the most sampled bands in history, remaining relevant today, continuing to reach new generations of younger audiences. Snoop Dogg, Fatboy Slim, Ice Cube, Puff Daddy, TLC, Rick Ross, will.i.am and Mark Ronson amongst countless others, have all borrowed sections of their grooves.
 After the success of 1979’s ‘Feel No Fret’, the band went into the studio record their next album. The back-story behind the album’s release, has been annotated by Alan Gorrie and Hamish Stuart in the LP notes.

To celebrate the 40TH ANNIVERSARY of ‘Shine’, AWB (past and present) have reconfigured the album as they had originally intended, bringing in the four tracks that they had to ‘leave’ behind when they changed record labels. In addition, due to separate behind the scenes situations, two further tracks were unable to be included on the album and remained unreleased until this century.
‘ON THE STRIP – THE SUNSET SESSIONS’ is what ‘Shine’ could have been; a longer 2LP set, heralding in the new decade.

The album includes the singles ‘LET’S GO ‘ROUND AGAIN’ and ‘FOR YOU, FOR LOVE’, as well as ‘WHATCHA’ GONNA DO FOR ME’, which later become synonymous with Chaka Khan, who recorded it the following year, having sung on an early-take for AWB, when they were recording the album. ‘MISS SUN’ makes it long-awaited inclusion on the album for which it had been recorded until fate dealt another hand, with permission being withheld then appearing as the lead track on Boz Scaggs’ ‘Hits’ LP.
‘Shine’ was a success, reaching #14 in the UK Albums Chart in 1980 and included the worldwide Chart and Club hit ‘Let’s Go ‘Round Again’ but it wasn’t the album that it should have been.

40 years on, Average White Band still ‘shine’ brightly and remain highly influential for today’s groove-merchants and EDM DJs but more importantly now release their album as they wanted.

Mark Spiro "2+2=5"


On July 10, 2020, Frontiers will release “2+2 = 5: Best of & Rarities”, a 3CD set from Mark Spiro!

Mark Spiro is an iconic American songwriter and an established award winning producer, recording artist, and accomplished musician, with a career that spans over two decades. Among his many accomplishments are 45 Gold and Platinum Records, and nine solo albums. His songs and productions have been represented on records that have sold over 100 Million copies worldwide.

The “2+2 = 5: Best of + Rarities” compilation encompasses the best of Mark’s solo material starting from “Now Is Then, Then is Now”, originally released in 1996, until “It’s a Beautiful Life”, released in 2012. Also included are his songwriting collaborations with none other than Dann Huff (Giant), Michael Thomson (MTB), Jim Vallance (Bryan Adams), and Tim Pierce.

As a special treat for the discerning and passionate melodic rock fans, the album includes 13 unreleased songs which also includes collaborations with Dann Huff, Michael Thompson, Tim Pierce and Jason Derlatka.

Mark is currently working on a new solo album.

EARPLAY "Rebirth 2"


Japanese rock/R&B singer-songwriter, musician, and producer Toshiki Kadomatsu has just released a new album «Rebirth 2 » with producer Shingo Kobayashi under the name EARPLAY. The name project as the album cover is an enjoyable tribute to the band AIRPLAY originally formed by Jay Graydon and Davis Foster.

Tracklist is: I Can Give You My Love, Cryin’ All Night, Distance, Take It Away, Can’t Hide Love, Crescent Adventure, Lost My Heart In The Dark, I Can’t Stop The Night, End Of Night, All Is Vanity.

All Songs Composed & Arranged by TOSHIKI KADOMATSU Except "Cryin' All Night" Written by DAVID FOSTER / STEPHEN KIPNER / JAY GRAYDON "Can't Hide Love" Written by SKIP SCARBOROUGH "Cryin' All Night" "Can't Hide Love" Arranged by SHINGO KOBAYASHI / TOSHIKI KADOMATSU "End of The Night" Arranged by TOSHIYUKI MORI / TOSHIKI KADOMATSU "I CAN GIVE YOU MY LOVE" "Lost My Heart In The Dark" Arranged by TOSHIKI KADOMATSU / PHILIPPE SAISSE.


CWF 2 is OUT today! Great review by CrypticRock


The term supergroup is often used to describe a collective of musicians who have earned accomplishments elsewhere, but join forces for something new. Sometimes effective, but other times a disappointment, if anything, it shows that talent/skill is only a portion of the equation for success. That in mind, Champlin Williams Friestedt makes a case for one of the stronger conglomerates to come together in recent years.

Some might say, “What in the world is Champlin Williams Friestedt?” The answer – former Chicago Singer Bill Champlin, TOTO Singer Joseph Williams, and Swedish Guitarist/Producer Peter Friestedt. Added to that explanation, those with a more casual outlook toward music, Champlin was a key component in Chicago’s resurgence in the 1980s and the lead voice behind their most successful single “Look Away.” This is not to mention he co-penned “After The Love Has Gone” for Earth, Wind & Fire and “Turn Your Love Around” for George Benson, among many other songs. Then there is Williams who fronted TOTO from 1986 to 1988, and again from 2010 to 2019. Finally, you have Peter Friestedt, an accomplished musician/producer who has worked with Champlin on various other occasions.


Bruce Gaitsch: 1976 to 2020, a retrospective


Coming soon, new double CD from very talented Bruce Gaitsch: "1976 to 2020 a retrospective!" With new Bill Champlin, George Hawkins Jr. Randy Goodrum, etc!
Bruce Gaitsch has just announced this new double CD to Westcoast Rendez-Vous staff and everybody is eager to listen to it!

"Cherry Picking 1976-2020" could be the title of this Bruce Gaitsch retrospective!

White Flag - (New) 2020 - Kelly Keagy
Lebanon TN? - 2017 - Marc Jordan
Let’s Do Something Good - 2017 - Chis Rodriguez
Private O’Toole - 2017 - GiG
Haunt Me Tonight - 1992 - Richard Marx
Fools Cry - 1995 - Fee Waybill
Unchain My Heart - (New) 2020 - George Hawkins Jr
He’s the Moon in Spain - 2018 - Janey Clewer
Beautiful Again - 2018 - Matt McPherson
Aphasia - 1997 - Bill Champlin
Reason to Believe - (New) 2020 - Bill Champlin
Secrets of the Night - (New) 2020 - Bill Champlin
Arcturian Tenderness - 1976 - Chi Rythmn
Waltz for a Wandering Misfit 1976 - Chi Rythmn
Mary Anna - 1983 - Tim
Time Will Never Know - 1990 - Joe Pasquale
God Only Knows - 1993 - Timothy B. Schmit
Avalon Christmas - Me - 2016
Villa Lobotomy’s - Me - 2000
A Day in the Life of a Fool - The Bossa Nova Hotel - 2009
A Day in the Life of Elanor Rigby
You’re Not Alone - Jay Graydon and Warren Wiebe

George Hawkins JR, John Patitucci, Keith Carlock, CJ Vanston, Kelly Keagy, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Pat Leonard, Randy Goodrum, Richard Marx, Fee Waybill, DesI Kondova, Janey Clewer, Chris Rodriguez, Marc Jordan, Matt McPherson, Dave Innis, Ruggero Robin, Gary Smith, Dennis Johnson, Terry Fryer, Jim Peterik, Derek Wyatt, Thom Griffin, Bob Lizik, Tom Radke, Joe Pasquale, Paulinho De Costa, Marc Russo, Michael Thompson, Waters Sisters, Jimmy Haslip, Billy War, Jim Beard, Jeff Porcaro, Timothy B. Schmit, Greg Phillinganes, Michael Sembello, Jay Graydon, Warren Wiebe.