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Canada "Sur les traces"

Canada "Sur les traces"

This band was a excellent equivalent of US FM Rock bands (but with West Coast music touches!) of the 80s. Only one album done by these old buddies who have worked before as studio musicians and singers. Now, one of them, Eric Benzi is one of the most requested producer in France. Jacques Veneruzo writes songs for french popular artists and Gildas Arzel has recorded 4 solo records. In fact, they became more than a rock band, a TRADEMARK in french music business. In 2003, they joined their all time friend, singer, songwriter & producer Jean Jacques Goldman To realease the new Celine DION record "1 fille & 4 types".

Titles: 1. La chaleur du sud 2. Les cavaliers bleus 3. Le loup s'endort 4. Recommence 5. Chattanooga 6. Angelina 7. La fille du lac 8. Bouge ma vie 9. Les fantomes 10. Kevin 11. Pauvre Joe 12. Un bout du ciel 13. Mourir les sirenes

The band: Erick BENZI (Keyboards, Piano) - Jack VENERUSO (Bass, Background Vocals, Dobro Guitar, Guitars) - Gildas ARZEL (Guitars, Vocals, Banjo, Harmonica, Cello, Bass) - Gwenn ARZEL (Drums, Background Vocals) - Horns: KAKO, Pierre DUTOUR, Alex PERDIGON, Patrick BOURGOIN - Percussions: Laurent COATELEN.

Recorded by Gerard JARDILLIER and CANADA. Mixed by Claude WAGNER. Words & Music: CANADA. COLUMBIA/EMI France - 1988. Available on CD. OOP