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Alain Chamfort "Rock'n rose"

Alain Chamfort "Rock'n rose"

He is the artist who the late French Pop star Claude FRANCOIS discovered. With his smooth singing voice and basic tunes in the Hot AC style, he has suceeded to record hits and to be a shy artist!! Alain is great piano player too.

Titles: 1. Joujou a la casse 2. Baby Lou 3. Prive 4. Disc-jockey 5. Tennisman 6. Sparadrap 7. Rock'n rose 8. Lucette et Lucie 9. Le vide au coeur 10. Stances a New York

Musicians: Guitars: Richie ZITO, Jay GRAYDON, Mike HENDERSON, Dave FERGUSON, G. POREE, B. BENAY - Keyboards: Jay WINDING, David FOSTER, Steve PORCARO, Michael BODDICKER - Drums: Jeff PORCARO, Ed GREENE, Mike BAIRD - Percussion: Ray COOPER.

Words & Music: Serge GAINSBOURG, Alain CHAMFORT, M. PELAY, J.N. CHALEAT. CBS France - 1977. Available on CD. OOP