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Diane Tell "Chimeres"

Diane Tell "Chimeres"

Born in Quebec, Diane Tell learned to play the guitar at youg age and moved to Montreal where she performed in bars around the area and gradually gained popularity. Diane's album "En Fleche" appeared in 1980 and sold 150,000 copies with hit single "Si j'étais un homme". Listening to her 2 albums "En flêche" and "Chimeres" (1982), is a pure pleasure for a westcoast music fan. Diane seems to have been inspirated by Foster/Graydon/pages sounds and melodies at this period of her life.

Titles: 1/ Souvent, longtemps énormément 2/Tes yeux 3/ La falaise 4/ Mon amie 5/ Les trottoirs du boulevard St-Laurent 6/ On abeau 7/ Les différents 8/ Le bonhomme digital 9/L'addition S.V.P.

Musicians: Piano, keyboards: Carl MARSH, Stéphane MONTANARO - Guitars: Jean Marie BENOIT - Drums: Paul BROCHU - Percussions: Jimmy TANAKA - Bass: Bob WRAY - Horns: Alan RUBEN, Jon FADDIS, Jim PUGH, George YOUNG, David TAYLOR, Lewis SOLOFF - Wind instruments: Julian FERNANDEZ, Adolfo BORNHTEIN, Gratiel ROBITAILLE, Ugène HUSARUK, Marc BELANGER, William LUNN, Jean Luc MORIN, Michael CARPENTIER - Background vocals: Diane TELL, Carl MARSH, Karen YOUNG.

Words & Music: Diane TELL (Except title 7 music by Stephan MONTANARO)

BMG France / TUTA Music / RCA - 1982 - Produced by Diane TELL & Allan KATZ