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Julien Clerc "Si j'étais elle"

Julien Clerc "Si j'étais elle"

Julien Clerc is born Oct 4, 1947 in Paris. He's one of the most popular french singer. His romantic music touches a large audience goin' from jazz, westcoast touches to french pop. On this record, Julien collaborates with popular french top model Carla Bruni who wrote most of the lyrics of the album including the beautiful song "Si j'étais elle" with at the end a great guitar solo by Michael Thompson and a sweet duo with singer ASSIA "Quelques mots en ton nom".

Titles: 1/ Si j'était elle 2/Aussi vivant 3/ J'oublie 4/ Se contenter d'ici bas 5/ Tu t'es en allée 6/ On serait seuls au monde 7/ Quelsues mots en ton nom 8/ Silence caresse 9/ Je l'aime comme je repire 10/ L'horizon chimerique 11/ Désobéissante 12/ Va t'en de moi

Musicians: Keyboards, Piano: Michael A LANG, Otmario RUIZ, Julien CLERC - Bass: Nathan EAST, Leland SKLAR - Drums: John ROBINSON - Guitars: Michael THOMPSON, Michael LANDAU, Dean PARKS - Horns: Jerry HEY, Gary GRANT, Larry WILLIAMS, William REICHENBACH - Percussions: Paulhino DA COSTA, Raphael PADILLA - Background Vocals: KHALIL, Sebastien Demeaux, Maria POPKIEWICZ, Carol FREDERICKS

Words & Music: Carla BRUNI, Julien CLERC, David McNEIL, Julie BONHOMME, KHALIL, Etienne RODA GILL, Jean DE LA VILLE DE MIRMONT.

Released by: Humberto GATICAand co-released by KHALIL.

VIRGIN - 2000. Available on CD.