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Olivier Constantin "Personal"

Olivier Constantin "Personal"

No matter, the best talented French singing voice in the Soft Rock mood. He is one of the most requested backing vocalists of his generation. Has worked with all the major Pop French stars of these last 25 years. Has also recorded in The States with David SANBORN, Philippe SAISSE and so on... French West Coast music as its best! Some unreleased tunes and new arrangements in comparison with the Japanese Personal version under the name Eric RUSSEL.

Titles: 1. Never be mine 2. Remember me 3. Shinning 4. In a middle of a day 5. Shades of you 6. Nobody knows 7. Don't slow down 8. Serenade 9. Mona Lisa 10. Song for Chloe

Musicians: Piano, Keyboards, Programming: Thierry DURBET - Piano: Arnaud AUBAILLE - Guitars: Kamil RUSTAM, Frank PILAN, Jean-Marc ALEXANDRE - Drums: Yves SANNA - Bass: Dominique GRIMALDI - Hammond B3 Organ: Mario SANTANGELI - Background Vocals: Eric RUSSELL, Mario SANTANGELI, Mimi FELIXINE, Laurence CARTIER, Virginie CONSTANTIN, Natacha GERARDIN. Recorded and Mixed by Bruno MYLONAS, Renaud LETANG and Steve FORWARD.

Music: Mario SANTANGELI, Bruno FDIDA, Thierry DURBET, Thierry BLANCON, Laurent BLANCON.
Producer: Laurent BLANCON. BEVERLY RECORDS Germany - 1995. Available on CD.