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Michel Berger "Dreams in stone"

Michel Berger "Dreams in stone"

Born in 1947 near Paris, Michel learned to play piano during his chilhood and became at first a producer before a trip in California in 1973. He came back to Paris, wrote the musical STARMANIA and returned in studios at the end of the 70s as a Pop solo artist with an incredible talent in the Soft Rock mood. He died some years ago.

Titles: 1. JFK 2. American island 3. Walking through the big apple 4. Street Sonata 5. Living under the gun 6. Apple pie 7. Rooftops 8. Anything can happen here 9. Innocent eyes 10. Parade

Musicians: Vocals: David PALMER, Bill CHAMPLIN, Jennifer WARNES, Bill WITHERS, Max GRONENTHAL, Roxanne CASH - Guitars: Buzz FEITEN, Robben FORD, Steve LUKATHER, Richie ZITO, Slim PEZIN - Piano: Michel BERGER, Michel BERNHOLC, Bill PAYNE, Neil LARSEN, Nicky HOPKINS - Fender Rhodes: Bill PAYNE, Jai WINDING - Synthetizers: Kevin BASSINSON, Georges RODI - Bass: David HUNGATE, Scott CHAMBERS - Drums: Jeff PORCARO, Carlos VEGA, Rick SCHLOSSER - Horns: Patrick BOURGOIN, Gary HERBIG, Tom SAVIANO, Gary GRANT, Chuck FINDLEY, Slide HYDE, Bill REICHENBACH - Percussion: Paulinho DaCOSTA - Background Vocals: Tom KELLEY, Denise Maynelli DeCARO, Marty Mc CALL, Richard PAGE, Steven GEORGE, Zedric TURNBOUGH, Debbie HALL, Stephane SPRUILL, Bill CHAMPLIN, Roxanne CASH.

Words & Music: Michel BERGER with David BATTEAU, Bill CHAMPLIN, Jennifer WARNES, Ben SIDRAN, Douglas BRAYFIELD. WEA France - 1982. Available on CD.