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Grimaldi / Zeiher "Recidive"

Grimaldi / Zeiher "Recidive"

The French duet in West Coast Coast music (Bernard GRIMALDI and Bernard ZEIHER) for an album recorded in 1980 in LA in the classic West Coast music sound of this period of time... A must!

Titles: 1. Sidonie 2. Derniers moments 3. Une porte au fond du couloir 4. Plus comme avant 5. Cache-toi 6. Debout en haut du toit 7. Recidive 8. Petit melo dans la tete 9. La Califusa (Cite des Anges) 10. Think twice

Musicians: Drums: Jeff PORCARO, Jim KELTNER - Bass: Abraham LABORIEL, Leland SKLAR - Electric Piano, Organ: Mark GIBBONS - Acoustic Piano: Victor FELDMAN - Synthesizers: Mark GIBBONS, Mike BODDICKER - Electric Guitars: Steve LUKATHER, Larry BYRUM, Larry CARLTON, Dean PARKS, Mark GOLDENBERG - Cythar: Larry CARLTON - Acoustic Guitars: Billy WALKER, Bernard ZEIHER - Horns: Chuck FINDLEY, Steve MADAIO, William REICHENBACH, Pat RIZZO - Trumpet: Chuck FINDLEY - Sax: Phil KENZIE - Percussions: Victor FELDMAN, Paulinho DaCOSTA, Jim KELTNER - Backing Vocals: Bernard GRIMALDI, Bernard ZEIHER, Norbert TAILLOLE, Marty McCALL, Venetta FIELDS, Clydie KING, Andrea ROBINSON, Ann WHITE, Matt VERNON, Bill BOWERSOCK.

Recorded and Mixed by Mallory EARL.Producer: Bernard GRIMALDI. Words & Music by Bernard GRIMALDI and Bernard ZEIHER. RCA/BMG France - 1980. Available on CD.