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Manu Katche "It's about time"

Manu Katche "It's about time"

Manu is a well-known drummer all around the world (he has worked for superstars like STING and Peter GABRIEL just to quote 2 names). This album in English was a West Coast music project and his kind voice can be compared to Michael FRANKS... We must add that the late Jeff PORCARO (TOTO) was a great friend of Manu.

Titles: 1/ Cry of passion 2/ Change 3/ Warm doorway 4/ Who I am 5/ Go getter 6/ Lost in you 7/ Silence 8/ My inner heart 9/ No country 10/ She is 11/ 25th of july 12/ Tell me why

Musicians: Drums: Manu KATCHE - Bass: Pino PALLADINO - Keyboards: Simon CLARK, David SANCIOUS - Guitars: Dominic MILLER, Daniel LANOIS, David RHODES - Percussion: Roger BOLTON - Horns: Gary BARKER, Peter BEACHILL, Stuart BROOKS, Phil TODD - Sax: Brandford MARSALIS - Background Vocals: Tom ROBINSON, Siobham MAHER, Peter GABRIEL, Mandy LESLEY, Maz ROBERTS, STING, Laurent VOULZY - Accordeon: Richard GALLIANO.

Engineered by Stuart BRUCE, Richard EVANS, Roger MOUTENOT.

Words: Manu KATCHE, Tom ROBINSON, Connie FISHER, Sophie DUEZ - Music: Manu KATCHE.

Producer: Manu KATCHE.

ARIOLA/BMG France - 1993. Available on CD.