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Stephane Laugier "Puzzle"

Stephane Laugier "Puzzle"

A young male artist who has a perfect Soul voice with a West Coast music feeling (Michael RUFF) and R&B inspiration (Stevie WONDER). No matter, he is one of the most talented guy of the French West Coast music scene. Already well-known in Canada. There is an english version of this album.

Titles: 1/ Laisse-moi encore y croire 2/ Don't give up 3/ Magie noire 4/ Aime-moi 5/ Sans lendemain 6/ Casse, coule, fini 7/ Volcan qui dort
8/ Appel de detresse 9/ Ce monde est fou 10/ Love is blind

Musicians: Drums: Benoit CLEMENT, Pierre HEBERT, Paul BROCHU - Bass: Claude ARSENEAULT, Sylvain BOLDUC, Jean Jacques CRISTOFARI - Guitars: Bobby COHEN, Pierre DUMONT-GAUTHIER - Keyboards: Jean ST-JACQUES, Michel CYR - Sax: Jean-Pierre ZANELLA - Horns: Andre LEROUX, Andre VERREAULT, Ron DILAURO - Percussion: Luc BOIVIN - Background Vocals: Marie BELANGER, Danny BLANCO, Terry Mc GIMPSEY, Linda NILE, Tessa NILE, Alan G. PRATER, Lina BOUDREAU, Kat DYSON, Stephane LAUGIER, Kim RICHARDSON.

Recorded and Mixed by Joel PETRELLA.

Words: Stephane LAUGIER - Music: Stephane LAUGIER, Jean-Jacques CRISTOFARI, Michel CYR.

Producer: Alain KUNTZMANN.

Ed. SAMUSIC - Productions COOL France - 1995. Available on CD.