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Daniel Levi "Entre parentheses"

Daniel Levi "Entre parentheses"

Daniel is a young background vocalist who sang before with such several French stars as for example Catherine LARA. He is also of one the most requested voice for Walt Disney soundtracks in French. This first album is a must in the West Coast vein with nice R&B and Jazz Fusion parts that include amazing keyboard programmings and fender rhodes parts. A very good album...

Titles: 1/ Entre parentheses 2/ Change rien 3/ Elle est soleil 4/ Peut-etre
5/ Les histoires 6/ Lonelie 7/ Jouer en duo 8/ Les yeux au ciel 9/ Je te dirai 10/ La chanson qui fait pleuvoir 11/ Si singulier pluriel 12/ Eternel

Musicians: Fender Rhodes, Background Vocals: Daniel LEVI - Bass: Michel ALIBO - Drums: Marc JAQUEMIN - Guitars: Bruno CAVIGLIA - Synthesizers, Fender Rhodes, Piano: Max MAROLANI - Percussions: Arnaud FRANKFURT - Buggle, Trumpet: Christian MARTINEZ - Ewi, Sax Alto: Alain DEBIOSSAT - Sax Tenor: Pierre MIRAN - Clarinet: Pierre SHERRER - Nay: Nabil ABDOUMLEH - Kanoun Sitar: Elie ASHKAR - Background Vocals: Alex, Caroline PASCAUD-BLANDIN, Corinne DRAI, Gaelle HERVE, Didier HAYAT.

Composed, arranged and released by Daniel LEVI.

Words & Music: Nelly AKNIN, Daniel LEVI, Olivier LEBLEU, Christian ECLIMONT, Alain GOLDSTEIN.

Producer: Albert COHEN.

AB DISQUES/BMG France - 1996. Available on CD.