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Didier Makaga "Jamais deux sans toi"

Didier Makaga "Jamais deux sans toi"

Let's imagine a young singer/pianist/keyboard player in his twenties really influenced by the LA Sound of the 80s and Jazz Fusion. Let's imagine a French artist with the George BENSON and Al JARREAU mood (when both were produced by Jay GRAYDON)... It is typically the Didier MAKAGA West Coast music... 2 solo albums at the beginning of the 80s (this one is the most famous!). Since then, Didier has worked a studio musician, singer-songwriter and arranger. In the early 90s, he has released in France an album in the World Music vein.

Titles: 1. Tant que la musique... 2. Deliretro 3. Jamais deux sans toi 4. Minuit l'heure du swing 5. L'Afrique c'est chic 6. Chinginigin'up 7. Taxi driver 8. L.O.V.E. 9. Hommage a Jo

Musicians: Drums: Frederic SICART, Marcello SURACE - Guitars: Hugo RIPOLL, Michel ALLOUCH - Bass: Michel DENIS, Jean-Marc JAFFET, Idriss BARADOU - Keyboards, Rhodes: Didier MAKAGA - Horns: Pierre MIMRAN, Michel GAUCHER, Tony RUSSO, Jacky BOLOGNESI - Percussion: Jeff LEROUX - Background Vocals: Mireille DEIANA.

Words & Music: Didier MAKAGA, Sophie KOECHLIN. Producers: Didier MAKAGA and Frederic BOUVERON. WEA France - 1983. Not available on CD.