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Native "Les couleurs de l'amour"

Native "Les couleurs de l'amour"

Two sisters (Laura and Chris) in their twenties who had founded the duet NATIVE at the beginning of the 90s. Souful singing voices in the right term of the word with nice West Coast music harmony vocals. Before, both of them were background singers with the most popular Pop french artists.

Titles: 1. Native theme 2. Le saut 3. Assez, c'est assez 4. Je me mette a l'amour 5. Decide l'heure 6. Brotherlude 7. Les couleurs de l'amour 8. L'eclat de nos coeurs 9. Sisterlude 10. Saurais-tu le faire 11. Dans ce monde a part 12. Comme si 13. Motherlude 14. L'eden ici 15. A place on earth

Musicians: Vocals: Laura MAINE, Chris MAINE - Piano: Laura MAINE, Herve RAKOTOFIRINGA - Guitars: David PLAYES, James HARRAH, Rick NOWELS, Jean-Henri POMBO, John CROSSLEY - Bass: John PIERCE, Abraham LABORIEL - Drums: Chris HENRY - Background Vocals: Laura MAINE, Chris MAINE, Jon LIND. Words & Music: Laura MAINE, Chris MAINE, Jon LIND, Bobby WATSON, Diane WARREN, Billy STEINBERG, Pascale HOSPITAL...

BMG France - 1997. Available on CD