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De Palmas "Un homme sans racine"

De Palmas "Un homme sans racine"

At age 9, living at Aix-en-Provence (in the south of France), Gerald created with two friends a band called "Les Max Valentins" with a first record produced by Etienne Daho. The band's name became "Les Valentins" but without Gerald who quit for a solo career.
His first album "La dernière année" with the hit-single "Sur la route" makes him win a "Victoire de la musique" as "Best new male singer". His acoustic blues rock with his smooth voice seduce the audience.
"Marcher dans le sable", Gerald's third record sell more than 1.500.000 copies. It's a phenomenal success!! De Palmas is now a popular artist in demand. He writes songs for Johnny Halliday and the song "Tomber" (from 3rd album) is covered by Celine Dion under the title "Ten days".
"Un homme sans racine" released in 2004, follows the success of the previous records with beautiful songs about the uncertainty of life, of living in couple,... with a lot of emotion et melancholy.

Titles: 1/ Plus d'importance 2/ Elle danse seule 3/ Au paradis 4/ Un homme sans racines 5/ Elle habite ici 6/ Dans la cours 7/ Encore une fois 8/ Dans mon rêve 9/ Faire semblant 10/ Je ne tiendrai pas 11/ Silverado

Musicians: Keyboards: Peter Gordeno - Drums: Amaury Blanchard - Guitars: Sebatien Chouard - Gerald De Palmas - Acoustic guitar, banjo, dobro, bass, programming, vocals & background vocals : Gerald De Palmas.

Words & Music: Gerald De Palmas.

Producers: Gerald De Palmas.

Polydor - Univeral France - 2004. Available on CD.