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Nicolas Peyrac "J'avance"

Nicolas Peyrac "J'avance"

Since the 70s, Nicolas PEYRAC has experimented Folk and Pop tunes and he is a quite popular Pop Star here in France. This album is a sweet one for those who like programmings and all kind of guitars. A very nice Soft Rock record with the impressive work of Bruce GAITSCH at guitars (who is a great friend of Bruce)!

Titles: 1/ J'avance 2/ Echec et mat 3/ Marre d'etre grand 4/ Et si j'parlais des filles 5/ Taos 6/ Toute seule 7/ Je t'aime je t'aime 8/ Evian 9/ Plus rever 10/ On s'aimera 11/ Amis 12/ C'est rien 13/ J'laisse 14/ Maintenant

Musicians: Programming, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitars and Backing Vocals: Nicolas PEYRAC - Electric Guitars, Electro-Acoustic Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Nylon Guitars, Ukulele, Mandolin, Steel Guitar and Banjo: Bruce GAITSCH - Electric Guitars and Mandolins: Michael TURNER - Additional Drums: Philippe CHAUVEAU, Tim SCHEAFFER - Basses: Jerry WARSHAME - Additional Percussions: Philippe CHAUVEAU, Anton NEWMAN - Cello: Ann Elizabeth MOORE - Altis: Chris NEWARK, Robert ELM, Cindy BERGER, Sandra BIRD - Strings Conductor: Peter WAINBERGER - Oboe and English Cor: John FIELD - Additional Keyboards: James STIRWOOD.

Recorded and Mixed by Nicolas PEYRAC, Derek FAIRCHILD and Claude ERMELIN.

Producer: Nicolas PEYRAC.

Words & Music by Nicolas PEYRAC.

Tutti Quanti/Une Musique France - 1995. Available on CD.