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Nicolas Peyrac "Autrement"

Nicolas Peyrac "Autrement"

An album in the modern 90s vein for Nicolas featuring Bruce GAITSCH on several tunes as well very nice ballads. Amazing guitars and smoothy keys and piano parts. Check this one!

Titles: 1/ Toujours une route 2/ Casablanca 3/ Demain la vie en rose 4/ Elle t'attendait 5/ Comme s'il fallait 6/ Santiago 7/ Bouge-toi 8/ La ou tu vas 9/ Son Errol Flynn 10/ La belle de Gardel 11/ Tous les memes 12/ T'entends pas

Musicians: Lead Vocals, Guitars, Basses, Keyboards, Programming and Chorus: Nicolas PEYRAC - Keyboards, Buggle, Trumpet, Basses, Programming and Chorus: Fabrice GRATIEN - Guitars, Basses, Programming and Chorus: Laurent MIQUEU - Drums: Christophe GRATIEN - Guitars: Bruce GAITSCH - Sourdeau: Francis DALLET.

Recorded and Mixed by Fabrice GRATIEN, Laurent MIQUEU, Nicolas PEYRAC, Bruno DUPONT and Bruce GAITSCH.

Producer: Nicolas PEYRAC.

Words & Music: Nicolas PEYRAC and Annette WYLE.

Tutti Quanti/M10 France - February 1999. Available on CD.