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Sheila "Little darlin'"

Sheila "Little darlin'"

She has been a very popular artist for French teenagers during the 60s before attaching in music in the Disco vein and went in LA to record with superproducers a good AC music.

Titles: 1/ Little darlin' 2/ It's only make believe 3/ Stranded 4/ I'm still believin' 5/ Put it in writing 6/ Waiting for the night 7/ Runner 8/ Nothing less than love 9/ Saturday night 10/ Prisoner

Musicians: Keyboards: Alan PASQUA, Bill CHAMPLIN - Bass: Dennis BELFIELD, Rick PHILLIPS - Guitars: Chas SANDFORD, Tim PIERCE - Drums: Mike BAIRD - Background Vocals: Tom KELLY, Richard PAGE, Bill CHAMPLIN, Trevor RAVEN, Vernette GOULD.

Producer: Keith OLSEN.

EAST WEST France - 1981. Available on CD.