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Emile Wandelmer "Lover cafe"

Emile Wandelmer "Lover cafe"

Born in the South of France, Emile was the leading member of the 80s top 10 group GOLD before starting a solo career as a singer... His high voice is something great for each West Coast music fan. This album is West Coast music oriented with wonderful guitar parts and very nice harmony vocals. A must in the West Coast music vein!

Titles: 1/ Lover cafe 2/ Nora 3/ A quinze ans 4/ Charlie 5/ Vends pas ton blues 6/ Seul 7/ Feux de paille 8/ Dame 9/ Je voyage 10/ Rien de plus beau

Musicians: Keyboards: Bobby MARTIN, J.Loup CARTIER, Larry COHN, Phil WHARTON - Bass: Nathan EAST, Victor IBANEZ - Drums: Jeff PORCARO, J. Denis RIVALEAU - Guitars: Peter FRAMPTON, Emile WANDELMER, J.J. CALE, Dean PARKS, Denys LABLE, Francois PORTERIE - Sax: David WOODFORD - Harmonica: Jimmy POWERS - Percussions: Jeff PORCARO - Background Vocals: Timothy B. SCHMIT, Emile WANDELMER, Jacques CARDONA, Serge GUIRAO.

Words & Music: Emile WANDELMER, Frederic BRUN, Pierre GROSZ, Jacques CARDONA.

Producers: Emile WANDELMER and Philippe RAULT.

WEA France - 1990. Available on CD.