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R.I.P. Roger Voudouris (1954 - 2003)

Roger Voudouris passed away on August 3rd, 2003.
We have just learnt this very sad piece of news via ComicGenius website.

Roger was born on December 29, 1954 in Sacramento, California. In the Seventies, he played with his own band Roger Voudouris Loud as Hell Rockers as an opening act for The Doobie Brothers, John Mayall and Stephen Stills among others.

After an eponymous album in 1978, his second album "Radio Dream" (1979) has featured the hit single "Get Used To It" which reached #21 in the Billboard Charts.

Two albums followed: "A Guy Like Me" (1980) and "On The Heels Of Love" (1981) and found a nice Japanese audience.

In 1983, he wrote lyrics for the movie "The Lonely Lady" starring Pia Zadora as well as recording some tracks for the film LP.

See his own discography there.

You can put a memory message on the following Tribute to Roger Voudouris guestbook.
He will be missed.


l'album "on the heels of love" (1981) vient juste d'être réédité au japon sur le label victor entertainment. A remarquer la présence du regretté Jeff Porcaro à la batterie.

I was saddened deeply to just now read of Roger's passing. Roger and I were high school friends who grew up together in Sacramento. We went through school together from kindergarden through high school. I spend many afternoons at his house with he and his wonderful brother Steve. He was quite the entertainer even back then, and Roger had some allergies which kinda prevented him from doing the outdoor sports thing we all did as kids. So, Roger played his guitar. His father Spiro Voudoris was a guitarist too, Roger and Steve both learned to love the instrument for their dad. Roger and Steve were great friends to me and i loved them both very much. I played in the High School stage band with Roger and was always impressed with his talent.
May he be forever in peace in God's hands now. I am deeply saddened by the news of his death. He was a young man with so much love to give. All your friends from C.K. McClatchy will really miss you pal. Your family will be in my prayers.

I knew Roger, very, very well. He was a couple of years older than me. In high school I admired his guitar playing abilities very much. Not too many people know this but he was an amazing guitarist.

He later became a business partner as he co-owned a label, Artful Balance Records, I was signed to for a number a of years.

He had a bombastic sense of humor that a lot of people didn't quite understand. He could offend. I loved him. He pushed the envelope. I was in LA when I learned of his passing. It took less than a day for the news to find me. I learned a lot from you Roger. Be well whereever you are.

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