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Happy New Year 2004

On this New Year's eve, Westcoast Rendez-Vous Staff (Jean-Philippe, Arnaud and I) wish you a very nice Rockin' New Year with Peace, Joy and of course... Wonderful music.
Arnaud has just added different photo albums in which you can fin memories of the 2 Westcoast Music Festivals (1996 and 1997 - at Disneyland Paris) as well as exclusive pics from Michael Ruff concerts in France, Bill and Mari Cantos past tour in France and pics archives of Westcoast Music artists. Enjoy!
And we already have great surprises for you in 2004!
Stay tuned!

Highway 9

Previously playing in a band called Mr Reality, talented musicians from New Jersey, Gordon Brown, Peter Scherer, Rob Tanico and Kevin Ansell joined by Dave Halpern formed in the late 90's the band Samhill. Already used by another band, the name was changed in Highway 9 and the band recorded their debut album "What in Samhill?" on Sony in 2002. The five men band offer great melodic songs with great harmony vocals not far away from The Eagles style.

Alessi Brothers are back: our longtime friends


We have waited for some many months for this excellent piece of news: Alessi (Bobby and Billy Alessi) new album is out since just a few days and we are very happy of it.
It is entitled "Hello Everyone".
The tracklisting is:
All My Life, Hello Everyone, I Like Your Smile, A Little Sorry, Love's Insane, Loosin You, Forever Together, Standin Tall, Under Blue Skies, The Only One, Little One, Looking Thru Your Eyes, You're My World, 99 Reasons, and It's Your Birthday.
You can order the album directly at Alessi official website.
Thanks to french pal Gilles for this information!

Warren Zevon and "The Wind"

According to the Los Angeles radiostation Arrow 93.1 FM, The VH1 special about the making of Warren Zevon's last album, "The Wind" will be released on DVD on Koch Vision Entertainment on March 9, 2004 with additional footage. This DVD is entitled: "VH1 (Inside) Out: Warren Zevon - Keep Me in Your Heart". Jordan Zevon is executive producer of the program.
Released in August, "The Wind" album features a lot of guests as Emmylou Harris, Bruce Springsteen, David Lindley, Timothy B. Schmit, Joe Walsh, Don Henley, Tom Petty, Ry Cooder, Jim Keltner, John Waite, Luis Conte, Dwight Yoakam, Jackson Browne...
Warren Zevon died on September 7, 2003 of a lung cancer. As a wonderful memory of the music industry and fans of Warren's music worldwide, Warren Zevon has been nominated for 5 Grammy Awards, including Song of the Year.

For the First Time with Carnie Wilson

Singer/songwriter Carnie Wilson (daughter of Beach Boy Brian Wilson) and original member of the trio Wilson Phillips, will have a first solo record released on KMA Productions label, on January 15, 2004.
The album is entitled "For the First Time".
The first single "I Don't Need You To" is written by the famous Diane Warren. There will be a duet with her father Brian and she has recorded "Forever" written by her late uncle Dennis Wilson.
Her mother Marilyn Wilson does some backing vocals and her husband Rob Bonfiglio collaborates on two new songs : "Fly" and "The Darkest Night".
In addition, Carnie Wilson is also back in the studio with Chynna and Wendy and ready to record a new Wilson Phillips album.

Linda Ronstadt new album... in Jazz mood

Linda Ronstadt has completed 11 tracks for a Jazz album to be co-produced by John Boylan and George Massenburg, scheduled for release in May 2004.
The project will feature such top Jazz players as Alan Broadbent, Warren Bernhardt, David "Fathead" Newman, Bob Mann, Christian McBride, Lewis Nash, Roy Hargrove, and Joe Lovano.
Some songs rumoured to be included on this release are Jazz classics such as "Get Outta Town", "Never Will I Marry", and "Miss Otis Regrets".
The musical approach will be different from Linda's classic Nelson Riddle albums - instead of a large orchestra, she'll be accompanied by only 6 or 7 instruments. This album will be released on the Verve label. Linda has signed an extensive deal for a second Jazz album on Verve Records.
You can find more information on this site.

Wave Music radioshow

One of the most respectful radioshow in Europe about Westcoast Music is Wave Music, broadcasted weekly on Sunday (8 pm-10 pm Central European Time) on RTL Radio Germany.
Hosted by Marcus Dreesen, this 2 hour radioprogram features classic hits from Westcoast Music mixed with new versions of classic songs as well as the best soft Jazz Rock in town.
A very nice place where you can listen to Robbie Dupree, Bobby Caldwell, Randy Crawford and so on.
Listen to it live on the Web for example ;-)