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Linda Ronstadt new album... in Jazz mood

Linda Ronstadt has completed 11 tracks for a Jazz album to be co-produced by John Boylan and George Massenburg, scheduled for release in May 2004.
The project will feature such top Jazz players as Alan Broadbent, Warren Bernhardt, David "Fathead" Newman, Bob Mann, Christian McBride, Lewis Nash, Roy Hargrove, and Joe Lovano.
Some songs rumoured to be included on this release are Jazz classics such as "Get Outta Town", "Never Will I Marry", and "Miss Otis Regrets".
The musical approach will be different from Linda's classic Nelson Riddle albums - instead of a large orchestra, she'll be accompanied by only 6 or 7 instruments. This album will be released on the Verve label. Linda has signed an extensive deal for a second Jazz album on Verve Records.
You can find more information on this site.


WOW, this is really happening. I will definitely buy it. Linda appeared in December 2002 with the Baltimore Symphony and she was outstanding. I have read that she will have a tour during summer 2004. I can't wait for that to happen.

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