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The Christmas Time of Michael Franks


Michael Franks has just released Watching The Snow, a complete album of 10 original winter songs with a portion of the proceeds to benefit HUA (Hearts United for Animals).
For this one, he has collaborated with his musical director Charles Blenzig and Sammy Cahn (as a songwriter).
ADLIB, the Japanese music magazine has elected "Watching The Snow" as Best Album of the Year in the Pop/Rock category.


Just for your information, Toshikazu Kanazawa, the music writer who wrote the liner notes of this CD Japanese version, the ex-editor in cheif of our AOR CLUB magazine, states in the Adlib Magazine as one of the selectors for the award:
"Michael Franks / Watching The Snow" might be the winter version of "Sleeping Gypsy", the masterpiece of Michael Franks.

And please be advised that you can see only the index of the contents of the Adlib magazine at their English website.

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