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January 06, 2004


I am a long time fan of Evie Sands and would love to obtain Estate Of Mind (her all time best!) and Suspended Animation both on CD. Can you help me in doing this? I have trouble figuring out the sights that are all in Japanese!!! Thank You, Bradly Briggs PS> I really felt that Estate Of Mind would be huge when it came out but it never had any support from radio which I thought was strange-there are a number of songs on this great work that would have been top 10 if given any exposure!!! This is a really great album!!!

Thanks for the link to Mundo which is a Japanese company which made it so easy to order the classic Evie Sands "Estate Of Mind" which is beautifully remastered to crystal clarity with updated liner notes by the producer and Evie herself!! This is a overlooked classic with great songs (along with bonus cuts) sung soulfully by Evie!! Don't miss this one!

Hi, I'm trying to find the music/audio to Come on Ring Those Bells, I believe Evie sang it.
Thanks MD

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