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Via Fastlane Eagles News. According to Rolling Stone Magazine, the Eagles were the 3rd biggest money makers in Rock last year (with a total amount of $62.9 million). The Rolling Stones were #1 and Bruce Springsteen was #2.
"Last year, the eagles were demanding a $750,000 guarantee per concert. This year, it was more than $1 million, and ticket prices were up almost twenty dollars. Sources say the Eagles also garnered $10 million in advance payments for their latest greatest-hits package, which earned Warner its money back long before the year was out. And the Eagles, like Springsteen, don't hit the road with massive lighting and rigging and production costs. The Eagles also score big on their publishing rights, which easily earn them more than $5 million a year in royalties."
Very impressive!
In addition, The Eagles have announced a new US tour in 2004 with 13 dates including at the MGM Grand (Las Vegas) and May 29th at Reno, NV and May 30th Fresno, CA. Later, there would be quite possibly an Australian tour before Christmas.


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