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Marc Cohn authorizes the fans to record his concerts

Marc Cohn creates a big blast and a revolution in the music industry by authorizing fans to record his concerts:

Via his current newsletter sent via email today:
"Fire up your digital audio recorders and start your mp3 engines, because recording Cohn shows has been officially blessed by Marc and his forward-looking management company.
In a swift, surprising response to inquiries posted in the Forum at marccohn.org, Marc and his management announced an open recording policy at Marc's concerts. To quote directly from the release, "We would like fans to be able to freely record Marc's live shows."
We're mighty impressed by Marc's progressive position on this issue. It recognizes that music sharing can be a good thing, both for artists and for their fans. The increased sharing that will result from open recording will create new Marc Cohn fans, while rewarding the Cohn faithful for their serious interest in the music. Everybody benefits.
We're also very happy to see that the wishes of fans are finally being acknowledged. Your voices in the Forum led to this new policy. You, the fans of Marc Cohn, have Marc's ear at last. So what will you ask for next?"


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