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Glen Burtnik "Welcome To Hollywood" new album

Glen Burtnik's new album "Welcome To Hollywood" will be released throughout Europe on June 2 (in the U.K. on June 28). The bonus DVD that follows with the first edition of the album will be region-free!
"My new album "Welcome To Hollywood" is kick ass. The songs are perhaps the strongest I've ever written, and the production is about as big a sound as I've ever heard come out of two speakers," Glen Burtnik said. Via Stefan Polzer from Atenzia Records in Sweden.


This CD is absolutely Glen's best (so far). I had the honor to hear this last evening and I was totally blown away by the intricate sounds, song patterns and lyrics. The man is a true genius of his craft!

He should have the record deals, not William Hung!!!

I highly recommend this CD to anyone who likes to hear brilliant lyrics, interesting musical styles and over all...a totally Rockin, kick a$$ sound! Welcome to Hollywood has it all!

"Welcome to Hollywood" is edgy, highly listenable (is that a word? if not, it should be) and carries a message to boot!
Don't worry - Glen Burtnik is not heavy-handed in his treatment of this CD. Many tunes such as "Roses" and "The Muse" are warm and inspiring. Some do indeed kick the listener in the a$$ as it were (Kiss Your A$$ Goodbye and BAM! for example).
Well worth the effort to get your copy, which currently has to be ordered overseas for those of us in the US.
Check out for more info, if you are so inclined.

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