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Fantasia Barrino is the winner of the third edition of "American Idol". She is 19 y.o. from Highpoint, N.C. Fantasia Barrino will lead a North American tour that will feature DeGarmo and eight other third season finalists of American Idol.
"I've been through some things but I worked hard to get to where I'm at," Barrino, the third American Idol, told the crowd.
"Thank you much," she said, with tears rolling down her face. "I broke my shoe!"


Hey Fantasia!This is Ashley Rankin from Gulfport,Mississippi @ i just want to tell u that i love your music and i was voting for you when you first went on American Idol.I just want you to know that you arr my idol and i look up to you.I think the song Baby Mama is a good song and all of our single parents should have a special holiday.My mom is raising 6 kids on her own.She had 10 but 4 are grown and im 17.i have a job and i try to help her out as much as i can.I just want ot tell you good luck and continue to make great music.

Fantasia, girl, you are the bomb. The words that you speak, I feel. "This is Me", "Aint Gone Beg You", "Baby Mama", and my favorite of all "Free Yourself." Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to seeing you in concert in Virginia, or the closest city. I will be there.

Virginia Beach, VA

Hello Fantasia, you are indeed terrific I am a lyricist who has the highest ratings across the board on the #2 internet radio station in the world with my song "show me how to love again"song rating:10.0,playlist:#1,station rank:#1 and star rating:5(exceptional!)I would like to send you my CD with your permission there are 2 other tracks on it:"tears or rage" and "the daily grind" I would appreciate it if you were to respond thank you for your time and good luck.

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