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Joni Mitchell The Beginning Of Survival anthology

Joni Mitchell will release an anthology on July 27 on Geffen Records. It is called "The Beginning of Survival". Calling the CD "commentaries on the world in which we live," Joni focuses on songs from her 1985-1998 releases.

In addition to the original artwork and song lyrics we always look forward to, Joni's written an essay for inclusion in the CD package. Also included is a reproduction of an inspiring circa-1850s speech by Chief Seattle. The CD title is taken from a translation of this speech; the Chief was speaking to address a proposed treaty under which the Indians were persuaded to sell two million acres of land to the US Government for $150,000. Reading any one of the many translations of Chief Seattle's letter 150 years on can be an eerie, unsettling experience.

A wide range of guest artists appear with Joni on The Beginning of Survival: Willie Nelson duets with Joni on her version of "Cool Water," originally by the Sons of the Pioneers, a group Joni has called one of her very early influences. Playing a fire-and-brimstone televangelist, actor Rod Steiger spikes "Tax-Free" with incendiary shouts as he feeds off his flock. Other guests include Wayne Shorter, Iron Eyes Cody, James Taylor and Don Henley.

Audiophiles are sure to enjoy the sound quality: the tracks have all been 96k/24-bit mastered from the original master tapes.

Song list:
"Slouching Toward Bethlehem"
"The Beat of Black Wings"
"The Reoccuring Dream"
"Impossible Dreamer"
"The Windfall (Everything for Nothing)"
"No Apologies"
"Dog Eat Dog"
"Passion Play (The Story of Jesus and Zachius ... The Little Tax Collector)"
"The Three Great Stimulants"
"Cool Water"
"Sex Kills"
"Tax Free"
"The Magdalene Laundries"


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