38 Special returns with a new album!
Arnold McCuller back in Paris with Phil Collins

Lauren Scheff's new CD!


"Cardboard Cyndi" is Lauren Scheff's new CD. His brother Jason sings background vocals on two songs: "Think of Me" & "All we Never Had"
Tracklist is :
What else could I say, All of my life, One in a million, All we never had, Deep six holiday, Instant Karma, There's a girl, Long trip to nowhere, Halfway there, Take me as I am, Breathing, Think of me

The album is produced by Michael Hutchinson & Lauren Scheff and features musicians: Lauren Scheff, Blair Sinta, Dave Levita, Micahel Hutchinson, John Keane, Dawayne Bailey, Darin Scheff, Jason Scheff & Christian Tolle.


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