Asia Silent Nation new album
38 Special "Drivetrain" first single.

The Bacon Brothers Double-Live album & dvd release!


The release of The Bacon Brothers Live, a double-disc CD and DVD was recorded at Englewood, New Jersey’s John Harms Center for the Arts on February 18, 2003.
It's fourth's Bacon Brothers’ cd, after the studio albums Forosoco (1998), Getting There (2000) and Can’t Complain (2002). It captures the incomparable live chemistry of Kevin and Michael Bacon during one hot night. The 20-track set list spans the Bacon Brothers.’ three records and includes their songs “Woman’s Got A Mind to Change” and Kevin’s hilarious “Guess Again (The KJ’s Song)” (from Forosoco), “Ten Years In Mexico” and Michael’s touching song about letting go of his son “Don’t Lose Me Boy” (both from Getting There) as well as “I’m So Glad I’m Not Married,” “Grace” and “Summer of Love (Woodstock ’99)” from Can’t Complain.


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