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Warren Wiebe's unforgettable voice on Steve Dorff's new album!

Via, we learn about a new Steve Dorff's album "Original Demos", a collection of songs featuring Warren Wiebe on vocals!!
"Original Demos" 'll be out on October 15th 2004 by The brand new record label Contante & Sonante. Released in a limited numbered edition, this album will include thirteen original Steve Dorff demo songs, beautifully enhanced by the soulful & unforgettable voice of Warren Wiebe.
The Tracks are: A Little Thing Called Life, And Still Run Out Of Time, I Never Stopped Loving You, True Love At Last, Kindred Spirits, The Echo Of Your Whisper, Everytime You Cross My Mind, Love's The Silver Lining, The Wait Was Worth The Angel, In Love's Name, I Just Fall In Love Again, Before We Kiss Tonight Goodbye & Somewhere In Time.
Steve Dorff has written music for such fine artists as Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, George Strait, Vanessa Williams to name a few.  
David Foster's wife, Linda Thompson, will be credited as co-writer of two of the songs...
More information at and Bluedesert.


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