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Frontiers Records will release the album on September 20th, BONRUD, a new and exciting melodic rock project based in Seattle Washington, led by guitarist and producer Paul Bonrud.
"The CD is sure to please the fans who love the sound of Journey and Foreigner", says Paul. "The US and European release will feature eleven songs, while the Japanese release will contain an additional bonus track".
The band have finished recording their debut self-titled album, produced at White Barn and Big Rock Recording Studios in Washington state, mixed by legendary music producer Keith Olsen (Whitesnake, Journey, Kingdom Come, Saga and countless others).
The line-up featured on the album includes David Hendricks on vocals and Paul Higgins on drums, while mr. Bonrud takes pride in completing the recording, thanks to his skills on guitar, bass and keyboards.

Tracklist is: Leap Of Faith, The Phoenix, Desperate Heart,  I've Changed, Give Me A Chance, Take Me Home, Date With Destiny, Once In A Lifetime, Live Your Dreams, Look Me In The Eyes, Hollywood Movie Star.


How the heck did u guys come up with the name Bonrud? Thats my last name..I didnt think anyone would name there band after it.

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