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Bryan Adams Room Service new album very soon

Bryan Adams will have a new studio album "Room Service" out on Sept. 21 internationally except in The States. This album will be followed by a 14-tunes acoustic album, "Stripped," which will include some acoustic demo versions of songs that appear on "Room Service."

Bryan Adams was in downtown Toronto (Canada) traffic on July 29 while shooting a video for his new single, "Open Road" (from the upcoming Bryan Adams album "Room Service"). You can listen to an audio sample of "Open Road" there (Windows Media Player file).

About "Room Service": "I had a big studio which used to travel with me, but you couldn't move it from place to place. I would need to rent a house for six months and work. This time, I got rid of that system and got it into two suitcases. It's the marvel of digital technology," Bryan Adams says.

"Stripped" and "Room Service" were recorded in hotels and backstage at concert venues in Europe last year.


hey!bryan you are the most awsomest songwriter on this whole planet.your raspy voice sweeps me off of my feet.your song lyrics are so amazingly astounding that i just can't get enough of them.just hope u keep your bestest work getting better

hey bryan !!! keep up d gud work u been doing 4 all these years ....n ur one of those few people i`v seen who havnt got any airs abt demselves inspite of being in showbiz 4 all these years ........take care....

Awesome, extraordinary, fantastic
unbelievable, mindblower.
Greatest rock artist on the face of this earth.

Keep it up Bryan.
You are the best of the best.

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