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William Joseph Within first album

William Joseph is a piano virtuoso and by the way, he is helped by David Foster. William Joseph has just recorded his first album "Within".
The CD will be released on August 10th by Reprise Records/143 Records in The States and is co-produced by David Foster with Jochem Van Der Saag and Chris Boardman.
Guest stars are french singer Garou and violonist Lucia Micarelli. William Joseph is also opening up for Josh Groban on the 2nd half of Josh Groban's summer tour concert dates.

Warren Wiebe on Mike Crolius album

Via Blue Desert website. A great unknown album 'til now with late Warren Wiebe on it:
"Crolius featuring Warren Wiebe....
The songwriter Mike Crolius has released several albums and on the first album titled "Crolius", a compilation of adult contemporay music you can hear the late Warren Wiebe.
Warren is featured on the song "The One" a faboulous tune, and a must have for Warren Wiebe fans. You can hear a sample and also buy the CD directly from Mike Crolius at his official website."

A Tribute to Warren Zevon album on the way

Bob Dylan ("Mutineer") and Bruce Springsteen ("My Ride's Here" recorded in Toronto last year) live recordings,
new cuts by:
- The Pixies ("Ain't That Pretty At All"),
- comedian Adam Sandler ("Werewolves of London"),
- Ry Cooder and David Lindley ("Monkey Wash/Donkey Rinse"),
- Jackson Browne ("Poor Poor Pitiful Me" a 1978 hit for Linda Ronstadt),
- Jill Sobule ("Don't Let Us Get Sick"),
- Steve Earle ("Reconsider Me"),
- Don Henley ("Searching for a Heart"),
- a cut from actor Billy Bob Thornton,
...will be featured on The Tribute to Warren Zevon album, produced by Jorge Calderone, and planned to be released this fall by Artemis Records in The States.
Also, Warren Zevon's son, Jordan Zevon has recorded a song of his father "Studabaker" for the tribute with Jacob Dylan (from The Wallflowers) on backing vocals.

38 Special Drive Train new album

38 Special will have a new album out on July 27th (on Sanctuary Records). It is called "Drive Train" and features 12 new songs and the new single "Hurts Like Love". You can listen to it for free there. For 38 Special, it's their first studio LP in 7 years.

The classic 38 Special lineup continues with: Don Barnes (lead vocals and guitar), Donnie Van Zant (vocals), Larry (LJ) Junstrom (bass), Danny Chauncey (guitars, keyboards), Bobby Capps (keyboards) and Gary Moffatt (drums).

1. Something I Need (Don Barnes-Jim Peterik)
2. Hurts Like Love (Don Barnes-Danny Chauncey-Jim Peterik)
3. Haley's Got A Harley (Donnie VanZant-Don Barnes-Jim Peterik-Johnny VanZant)
4. Jam On (Don Barnes-Jim Peterik-Danny Chauncey)
5. Make Some Sense Of It (Don Barnes-Jim Peterik-Donnie Van Zant)
6. Quick Fix (Donnie VanZant-Jim Peterik)
7. The Squeeze (Don Barnes-Donnie VanZant-Danny Chauncey-Robert White Johnson-Jeff Carlisi)
8. The Play (Don Barnes-Danny Chauncey-Gary Moffatt)
9. Bad Looks Good On You (Don Barnes-Danny Chauncey-Drew Ramsey)
10. Trooper With An Attitude (Don Barnes)
11. Hiding From Yourself (Donnie VanZant-Jim Peterik)
12. Sheriff's County Line (Jim Peterik-Don Barnes-Donnie VanZant-Johnny VanZant)

Crosby-Nash new album and campaign

David Crosby and Graham Nash, two-thirds of Crosby, Stills & Nash have announced that they're running for "Joint Presidency." David Crosby and Graham Nash will talk about issues close to their heart during the band's tour. They have a special website/blog for their campaign: CrosbyNash2004.

Together, though, they generate a magic that transcends their individual resumes… You can hear it on their classic 1970 live album, "Another Stoney Evening" (recently re-released in digital 5.1). It’s a concert experience that fans will be able to get first-hand when David Crosby and Graham Nash tour as a duo later this year in support of Sanctuary Records’ 2CD release "Crosby-Nash", which carries their legacy of timeless songwriting, indelible vocals, and peerless harmonies, into the future.

In stores, August 10th
Their new album: Crosby-Nash"

Disc 1
1. Lay Me Down
2. Puppeteer
3. Through Here Quite Often
4. Grace
5. Jesus of Rio
6. I Surrender
7. Luck Dragon
8. Other Side of Town
9. Half Your Angels
10. They Want It All
11. How Does It Shine

Disc 2
1. Don't Dig Here
2. Milky Way
3. Charlie
4. Penguin in a Palm Tree
5. Michael
6. Samurai
7. Shining on Your Dreams
8. Live On (The Wall)
9. My Country 'Tis

Joni Mitchell The Beginning Of Survival anthology

Joni Mitchell "The Beginning Of Survival" anthology will be released on July 27 in The States (on Geffen Records).
Joni Mitchell calls her latest set "commentaries on the world in which we live," and the timing for this release couldn't be better. She's taken much of her most socially-conscious music from the 1980s and 90s, and put it together to form "not just a collection, but a play" for this beautiful package that also includes some of her latest paintings.

"The Beginning Of Survival" features tracks from "Dog Eat Dog" (1985), "Chalk Mark In A Rainstorm" (1988), Night Ride Home" (1991), Turbulent Indigo" (1994) and Taming The Tiger" (1998).
Among the guest artists heard are Willie Nelson, Don Henley, James Taylor, Michael McDonald, Thomas Dolby, Wayne Shorter, Manu Katche, and actors Rod Steiger and Iron Eyes Cody. Each selection has been 96k/24-bit mastered from the original master tapes.
Joni Mitchell, who co-produced the collection, also contributes her original artwork and a revealing and instructive essay. In addition, the package includes complete lyrics and a copy of the famous 1852 Letter to the President from Chief Seattle, a philosophical cornerstone of the environmental movement.

Vanessa Carlton Harmonium new album

Vanessa Carlton will release her new album "Harmonium" on October 19th in The States.
The LP's first single "White Houses," is featuring Lindsey Buckingham Fleetwood Mac) on acoustic guitar and will hit radio in August.
Vanessa Carlton has recorded the album in San Francisco with her boyfriend Stephen Jenkins (Third Eye Blind) as a co-producer.

New Heart album available via p2p: Jupiters Darling

New Heart Album (Ann and Nancy Wilson) entitled "Jupiter's Darling" is now available via p2p:

"RazorPop, Inc. and Sovereign Artists, announced the release of Heart’s new CD "Jupiters Darling" over the TrustyFiles P2P File Sharing Software and the TopP2P web site.

The program provides distribution across all major P2P file sharing networks, including Kazaa, Gnutella, and eDonkey.

"Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart have always been an innovative force in music," said Paul Angles, Director of Internet Marketing at Sovereign Artists. "Their first concern is reaching out to the fans they love. That’s why they made 'Jupiters Darling' and that’s why we’re distributing over P2P, where they can reach the most people."

RazorPop CEO Marc Freedman added "When a legendary band like Heart embraces file sharing, you know it’s become mainstream. Don't be misled by the entertainment terror campaigns designed to instill fear and stunt innovation. The real focus should be on the artists and making music. A wide majority of musicians support P2P file sharing. There's been an explosion in its use by independent artists. Some, like the G-Man, have achieved success directly due to file sharing.

"Heart is only the first of many big name bands and other content providers that will discover the value and profit in reaching 100 million file sharers across the world. RazorPop and its partners help both new artists seeking free promotion and established bands adding a new sales channel."

....The files are in Windows Media Player format and can be played on most major media player software and portable music player devices. The songs are packaged as Weed files, which provide 5 free Heart songs for new users."

Robbie new live DVD and tour

Robbie Dupree just got back from Nashville where Rich Chudacoff and him have completed work on Robbie's Live in Japan DVD project.
The concert was filmed at the Duo Music exchange in Tokyo early this year.
It will be available soon.

Concerts for Robbie Dupree and his band coming up this summer include:
July 24 - Goshen, CT - Connecticut Agricultural Fair - with Mood Ring
August 12 - Brooklyn, NY - Coney Island
August 29 - Japan - Mt. Fuji Music Festival
August 31 - Fukuoka - Blue Note
Sept. 1 - Osaka - Blue Note
Sept. 3 and 4 - Nagoya - Blue Note
September 11 - Yorktown, NY - Yorktown Grange Fair - with Mood Ring