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August 19, 2004


have followed this story intently since learning of this earlier this week...there's a disclaimer on the official site now, refuting many of the points in the original peoria journal-star article, but it's a pretty well-known celebrity tactic to downplay this kind of thing.

i've been a fan of his for most of my life, and i'm finding this to be pretty shattering...i posted some of my own thoughts in my journal here, if anyone is interested...

massive fogelberg fan here. i too am shattered by the news, but determined to be as positive as i can. we need all the good energy we can get to amass throughout the world to help dan, like the phoenix, rise from the flames.

Dan's music is my constant, the music which defines most moments of my life. He is the musical poet of my generation and I can never be without a Fogelberg song in my mind. I am faced with my own mortality as I carry thoughts of Dan and his battle in my heart. I have a desperate need to play and replay every CD from start to finish until I have memorized every song, every word if I didn't already have it committed to memory - in some hope to send cosmic healing to him.

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