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Dan Fogelberg, the Peoria-born pop singer (so, in Illinois) who has sold more than 20 million albums over the past four decades, is undergoing experimental medical treatment to combat advanced prostate cancer.

"We're all very hopeful," said his mother, Margaret Fogelberg of Peoria. "But we're also a bit leery."

Fogelberg this week canceled a 16-city solo acoustic tour of the East Coast and Florida. His Web site,, has issued a short statement that says in part:
"Dan has been recently diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and has entered treatment. He apologizes for any inconvenience the cancellation of the concerts may cause his fans. Dan is confident he will be able to fight this illness. Your prayers, good wishes and positive thoughts will be very much appreciated."

Dan Fogelberg, who turned 53 last week, was tested for prostate cancer two years ago during a routine checkup, and the results were negative, his mother says. Two months ago, in gearing up for the planned tour, he underwent another checkup, during which the cancer was detected.

Dan Fogelberg, who has lived in Colorado for more than two decades, shared the results with his mother and his wife, Jean - but almost no one else. At the time, he told his mother, "I've had a lot of wonderful fans. I don't want to alarm them until I have more information."

Further testing showed the cancer has spread to his bones, his mother said. So Dan Fogelberg and his wife headed to Harvard Medical School, where doctors have embarked on an experimental regimen.
Margaret Fogelberg said she did not know the technical particulars of his treatment. But she did say he first was put on hormone therapy and a nutrition program.
Recently, he started a new form of chemotherapy: "It's not the kind that tears you up," his mother said.

So far, the results have been positive, and Dan Fogelberg has felt good enough to go sailing with his wife near his second home in Maine, his mother said. However, the stress of the treatment and the uncertainty of his prognosis prompted him to cancel the fall tour.
"The doctors told him he won't be a victim or a survivor. They won't classify people as that," his mother said. "He'll be a patient, and he'll have a good quality of life... He's handling it. He has bad days and good days. I'm sure there are days he's scared half to death."

In the wake of his diagnosis, Dan Fogelberg and his wife hope to raise money for cancer research. As for plans to perform again, Dan Fogelberg has made no decision.
"He has relatives saying he's got to perform one more time, we need to hear him one more time," Margaret Fogelberg said. "So, with that kind of pressure, maybe he will."

The son of Margaret and Lawrence Fogelberg, Dan Fogelberg graduated from Woodruff High School and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Sending Prayers from Oregon. Dan Fogelberg has got to be one of the most incredible musicians of our time. His songs are beautiful and I will never get tired of listening to them. They last. Most of the music today you aren't going to remember the words to in 10 years. God Bless You Dan.

I have a box set of Dan Fogelbegs, I love it and listen to it when I feel sad,and happy. I lost my husband to Cancer (brain) in 1990, I will hope and pray for the best that may come, Dan, you've brought magic to my life and others.
I pray for you and your family.
Linda Drake

I awoke this spring morning and felt the sun rising within. I felt God's loving healing touch in all. I felt the positive connected healing within all of us, as our bodies are capable of renewal and rejuvination. My prayers are with you Dan & Jean and Margaret.

following is some gratitude and thoughts of how Dan's music has touched me ...

Growing up in NM were magical times for me celebrating Nature's Way. Sometimes traveling alone, sometimes with a loved one. Traveling the mountains, desert places, hot springs and sacred cliff dwellings; and the screech of a hawk, cries of the coyotes, pictures on rocks by cliff dwellers, greens and blues, rolling thunder and bright majestic lightening; many memories all etched inside turning words into poetry and songs for me. I remember, as if in a dream, the dancing of buffalo on cloud, four directions, and the chant, 'to thine ownself be true'.

Dan's music - like an old friend or traveling companion seems to validate special times and seasons. Through the years I continue to be grateful to you Dan for crafting of songs and the special connections they make in my own inner spaces. Songs like "The Minstrel", "Magic Every Moment", "Bones In The Sky", "Holy Road" to name a few feel like kindred companions journeying thru life's experiences. Dan you share your truth; proactive for freedom & peace, and your environmental stance. Your musical finess and diversity has meant the most to me! Thank you for the many wonderful unique and diverse albums. Thanks for sharing your stories in song and art. Thanks for supporting the wild places, health and special animals in our lives. Thanks for the concerts and your good sense of humor ~ in light and heart, Carol buffalo (Medford, Oregon)

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