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Phil Collins "Live in Paris" new DVD feat. Bill Cantos

Phil Collins will release a "Live In Paris" DVD from his current tour later this year. Work is nearly complete on the DVD of Phil Collins' European Tour. Nick Davis has been putting the finishing touches to the project at a studio on London's South Bank. Recorded in Paris, the huge audience and Phil Collins and the band are clearly enjoying themselves enormously as they perform Sussudio at the end of the set. At one hilarious point, Phil Collins nearly disappears bodily into the crowd when a most enthusiastic lady grabs him and won't let go as he involves the audience in a chorus singalong.
The sound is superb and the picture quality crystal clear. Release is expected later this year - and expect a lot of extra goodies on the DVD to make it an invaluable addition to your PC collection.
So, this DVD will show Bill Cantos on backing vocals.


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