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Alex Ligertwood (Santana band) has joined the World Classic Rockers


Alex Ligertwood (Santana band) has joined the World Classic Rockers in early October. The World Classic Rockers have a new member of WCR: Alex Ligertwood, the former lead singer of Santana for 16 years. As the voice of Santana, Alex Ligertwood recorded hit songs such as "Winning" and "Hold On." During his first gig with World Classic Rockers in Maui he provided electrifying performances of Santana classics "Black Magic Woman" "Oye Como Va" and "Evil Ways".

The World Classic Rockers are:
- Nick St. Nicholas (formerly of Steppenwolf),
- Randy Meisner (formerly of The Eagles),
- Fergie Frederiksen (formerly of Toto),
- Michael Monarch (formerly of Steppenwolf),
- Randall Hall (formerly of Lynyrd Skynyrd),
- Aynsley Dunbar (formerly of Journey),
- Rosilee (tribute to Janis Joplin),
- Dave Coyle (guitar and vocals - World Classic Rockers),
- Steve Stewart (keys and vocals - World Classic Rockers)...
- and now Alex Ligertwood.

Also, Randy Meisner has full recovery. You can see him at this page (pics from the Maui 10/06/04 concert).

David Garfield "Giving Back" album features some tracks with Alex Ligertwood on lead vocals: ORDER IT NOW.


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