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Andre Delano Robertson: Full Circle

Andre Delano, Maxwell's Sax Player, Goes Solo With Smooth Jazz Album Entitled "Full Circle". Andre Delano Roberson's debut album entitled "Full Circle" reflects a diverse smooth jazz mixture that illustrates his amazing musical journey.

"With life's challenges, you start to understand that everything happens in divine timing and you must allow for things to progress naturally," says Andre Delano. "I feel like now I've proclaimed my independence. And I trust that all things in the universe are in their proper place and are happening just as they are supposed to."

Since his musical career started, Andre Delano, an East St. Louis native, has recorded and toured with Stevie Wonder, Maxwell, Jeff Lorber, Chielli Minucci, Doc Powell, and Bobby Lyle. His touring schedule took him around the world -- to Russia, Denmark, Finland, London, Japan, Sweden, and Holland. Andre Delano also performed with Maxwell on The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Show Time at the Apollo, Soul Train, as well as cable music channels BET, MTV, and VH1.

While on tour, Andre received critical acclaim from the Los Angeles Times, L.A. Weekly and Rolling Stone magazine. The Los Angeles Times raved that Andre, "Plays with a flair and inventiveness ... He is clearly ready for his own solo career." So, after years of recording and touring with other acts, Andre felt it was time to begin his solo career.

"Full Circle" features guest appearances by guitarists Al McKay (Earth, Wind & Fire), Bruce Conte (Tower of Power) and Dwight Sills; smooth jazz piano virtuoso Kevin Toney and R&B vocalist Terrell.
The album consists of numerous smooth jazz stylings including, "Foot Steps," a tribute to his son entitled "When Jadon Smiles," and "Night Riders," the album's first single. "Night Riders" is remixed by legendary keyboardist Jeff Lorber.

"As a child growing up in East St. Louis, my parents required me to be in the house and tucked in bed by the time the street lights came on. "Night Riders" is dedicated to those guys who didn't have that kind of discipline at home. Due to gang violence and drugs, a lot of them were killed before even making it to high school. Circumstance allowed them to ride at night."

The album's title track "Full Circle" is especially meaningful to Andre because it expresses his struggle as an artist who just wants liberation. In "Full Circle," Andre sings, "All my life, on my own, set apart from a first born, how long must it be, for you to set me free ... some people get it on the first go, I want to go full circle."

"Like the full circle itself, Andre Delano takes from his mix of sorrow and sings through a multiple joy. A rare sound of voice, word and saxophone. Go get this!," says R&B singer Maxwell.

"Full Circle" will be released in February 2005 on the new, independent label, 7th Note Entertainment, Inc. and is currently only available for purchase for a limited time at


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