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Bernie Leadon (formerly from The Eagles) interview


Eddy from the website Rock Of Ages had recently an interview with Bernie Leadon (formerly from The Eagles). You can read his Bernie Leadon interview there; some quotes:

"- You returned to Linda Ronstadt, where you met with three people which would define your career for the next few years. How was it decided to leave Ronstadt and form the Eagles ?
Glenn Frey and Don Henley had already decided to work together, and had Meisner pretty well into it. I heard about it through a friend, and I called John Boylan, who managed and produced Linda Ronstadt at the time. He was helping Don Henley and Glenn Frey. He paid for a rehearsal space for us to try it out. He wanted to produce the band, but he didn’t get to do that.

- You went to London to record the first album...
I guess going to London to record the first album with Glyn Johns at Olympic Studios had to be the most exciting recollection of the Eagles era. And then during playbacks there, other producers were coming in saying "that's a hit" and "this one's a hit, too".

- Also "Desperado" was recorded in London, but a different studio...
Yes, Olympic was booked, so we went to the Island Studios on Basing Street.

- Why did you leave ?
First of all, before I left the band, all four of the albums I played on were million sellers, just in the U.S. As I left, the record company put out the first "Greatest Hits, Vol. 1," which immediately sold about 10 million copies in the U.S. It is now the biggest selling record of all time in the U.S., selling more than 27 million copies so far. That is quite a few more than "Hotel California" has sold. And all those records have sold many more millions worldwide. Secondly, it was my choice to leave when I did. I did it for good reasons, and do not regret it."

Bernie Leadon has an official website.

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