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October 04, 2004


It's taken me awhile to post a comment on here about Bruce.When I heard about his passing i was really saddened. We were in a project that kinda came out of the revisited project.Another musician in an acoustic duo I was in at the time, played on tour with the revisited as the rhthym guitar player. He played with them in telluride in the early 90's.-He talked Bruce Palmer into doing an original project with us.I would drive from Brea to T
canyon, drive back to brea, rehearse, then drive back to Topanga to drop him off, then come back to Brea.At the time I didn't mind doing it, cause he was Bruce Palmer. He was an incredible listener and player. But more importantly,I found him to be a real nice person with a quick wit.He liked to laugh. When we played the troubador he did the "turn your back on the audience trip".He was mad at the soundman cause he couldn't hear himself play bass. He was holding up the bass in one arm over his head at one point on the front side of the stage, waving it wildly at the soundman--He was pissed!..I don't blame him.
On the way home to Topanga that night he said to stop at a liquor store on Sunset Blvd. for some tequila, that was his favrite drink.He lived in a tiny backhouse room up on a hill in Topanga.
His girlfriend "jill" was a sweetheart, and they loved each other. They lived in Topanga Canyon for many years. When we did the original band, his neighbor "cliff" played drums. We eventually had "Scotty" from the revisited come in to be the drummer. We did two recording sessions at indigo ranch in malibu ca.---The second session we had Bruce Gary from The Knack on drums, and Phil Chen on bass. I saw the posting from Bruce Gary talkin about playin with Bruce Palmer in the 60's. Well, he played with Bruce Palmer in the 90's on that recording session at indigo, and I remember Bruce Gary telling me i have a strange voice. Anyways, i was sad to hear Bruce Gary passed away recently.
Another thing i'd like to relate, is Bruce Palmers view that Crosby and Nash were Stephen Stills "back up singers".
I honestly believe that he looked up to Stephen, Neil, and Dewy alot, and that Neil Young didn't treat him good, and from what I hear, Neil doesn't treat anybody good unless their kissin his ass.
I remember Bruce Palmer "selling" his royalties to his landlord for back rent, even though he knew he would retain them. Basically, he wasn't into money, but he had to do what he did at times to survive.I remember the keyboard player giving him a line of speed when he thought it was coke at indigo. His girlfriend jill had to stay with him for hours till he got right. That definitely was not the right thing for bruce to do. He was a happy guy. Incredible musician that played a very melodic grounded bass. What a creative musician!
His favorite saying was "NEXT"!!!
He told me that people that are into "signs" are selfish and self centered. He was right about that one.I can't believe that I even got the chance to be in a group with him \,, Thanks Ron
There is probably more to the story with Neil Young, but oh well.......
Bruce Palmer helped write "For What It's Worth" with Stephen Stills.
From what I've heard from my friend Ron, Rick James came by to apologise to bruce about "the past" and Bruce Palmer said: It's cool, don't worry about it.(Rick James ripped him off in the seventies for a ton of coke)
yes there are more stories.
I will always remember Bruce as a friend more than a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Member.
Can you believe that Neil young didn't show up for that ceremony cause his ongoing career or whatever, jeesh that wasn't very nice.
Hello from down here Bruce!!!!
Thank You

Amo ancora oggi i Buffalo, e volevo notizie attuali dei componenti, ma ho saputo soltanto oggi che Bruce se ne è andato. Sono veramente scioccato, 58 anni non sono molti, e mi aspettavo di tutto, anche che Bruce con la musica aveva chiuso, ma non questa nera notizia. Ti abbraccio Bruce, Addio !

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