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October 04, 2004


Sad to hear about Bruce Palmer. I was, and still am a big fan of the Springfield. Bruce's bass lines in "Mr. Soul" are some of the best ever recorded in a Rock song.

I remember thinking after listening to "The Cycle Is Complete" that Bruce took us on a Zen trip to another world with that recording.

Another unique, gentle, and creative spirit has passed on. As Graham Nash once sang, we've "Lost Another One".

Condolences to Bruce Palmer's family and loved ones...


Because Bruce played so well on the Buffalo Springfield records you don't even notice the bass lines. You just hear how great the songs and the singing are.

It is not until you specifically listen to the bass lines that you go "Oh my god" his playing is SO GOOD. So amazingly foundational and yet very tasty.

It is hard for us outsiders to know how Bruce's "personality or situations" affected him being replaced in the Springfield. Or what is going on behind the scenes that Bruce disappears from the public eye for years at a time. Only to turn up playing amazing bass in the "Buffalo Springfield Revisited" or seen being publicly chastised in Neil Young's Berlin DVD for not remembering a song he was supposed to know.

Not sure why there is so little official information on his passing. So little that I had to point the hostmaster of to this web blog to use as a link on Springfield's official site to use as the best information available on Bruce's death.

Soon I hope to see more information available and certainly some comment from Neil, Stephen and the rest of Buffalo Springfield.

My condolences to Bruce's family, friends and fans around the world.

Perhaps a special tribute concert is in order.

My name is E.G. Palmer, I am Bruce's daughter, It is so amazing to read all of the beautiful comments about my father. We didnt get to spend much time with oneanother, but the time spent holds dear to my heart and my soul. I loved him very much and will miss him. Thank you for all the kind words

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