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October 04, 2004


it's such a shame that the goodies always go first. as a fan of the west coast music
like CSN&Y and Grateful Dead you cannot exclude the Buffalo Springfield for they were ( alongside the Byrds ) the founders
of a great sound that was to inspire the
likes of The flying burrito brothers and
Poco. I feel a deep sadness inside and my sympathy goes out to his family and friends

so long Bruce !! we'll see you in Heaven
take care dude !! give my love to John and
George, Jimi, Janis and all the others in
God's own rock and roll band. I'll pray for you


I am so very saddened to hear of Bruce's death. As a huge Buffalo Springfield fan, I can only join in the condolences to
Bruce's family and friends, in his memory. Just now, I am re-listening to his powerful bass lines in "Mr.Soul" (which I was ecstatic to hear recently in Neil Young's "Greendale" tour). I will always remember him and the joy that his music brought me.

Bruce and I were the best of friends.

He taught me many things. He showed me how important it was to be "REAL". He introduced me to many wonderful people, some of them down right important and he shared their friendships with me. He was liked by everyone we met together as he evoked a peace and friendly understanding with those we encountered. I shall never forget him or the many great times and good things we shared over the years.

For me, he was one of those people who helped change my life for the better. You see, he helped me realize that to change the world I would have to change myself.

He knew the key.

He also knew that in this world there is more hunger for love and appreciation than there is for bread.

There is much to be said for Bruce and his passing has taken me quite suddenly.

I am honored to have known him and to call him friend.

May peace be with you.

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