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October 11, 2004


Actor, director, and disabilities spokesman Christopher Reeve dies at the age of 52. After going into cardiac arrest, Reeve fell into a coma and died in his New York home. Reeve is a testament to human persistence. The star of “Superman” movies was rendered quadriplegic after a freak riding accident in 1995. Confined to a wheelchair and ventilator, Reeve fought for suicide. However, his children changed his mind, "I could see how much they needed me and wanted me … and how lucky we all are and that my brain is on straight." Over the past eight years, Reeve regained sensation over 70 percent of his body. With the help of electrodes in his abdomen, he can breathe on his own for long periods of time. Even more amazing, he has stunned doctors by regaining the ability to move his fingers, and, in water, his arms and legs. Just three nights ago, Reeve donated $500,000 to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and was referenced as a “hero” by John Kerry during Friday night’s Presidential Debate. I, for one, am inspired by his courage and perseverance to not be settled with the hand he was dealt. I feel confident in closing this article by saying that Christopher Reeve was truly a good man; which, in today’s culture, is saying a lot. Christopher Reeve: September 25, 1952 – October 10, 2004

I feel so sorry about his death-I thought he would walk again as there was so many people praying for him-damn politics!

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