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Feist: Let It Die


Feist "Let It Die" album is very much a voice album in close up, "eye to eye and ear to ear". Carefully pieced together around Feist's seductive voice, Feist "Let It Die" album forms the missing link between the old Folk (storytelling), the Brill building era (the quest for the hook), doo-wop (melody and mood) and minimal modern pop arrangements. Like line drawings as opposed to detailed paintings, these songs leave you space to till in the emotional blanks. Its lack of complication makes "Let It Die" standout from much of today's musical offerings; put simply, a beautiful slice of sonic escapism to illustrate and interrupt the little moments that together tell us stories.
A history not lacking in variety, the Canadian born singer has accomplished much in her few tender years, so for those inquiries journo types, here are the last few years in a nut shell...

Feist "Let It Die" album is an album that will follow you easily from the bath to the bar and soundtrack your mood for both. This is an album that seems to reach nostalgically to a time when singers crossed all styles whether they were old fashioned or in fashion. This is shared privacy and it's your own life you're looking at.

The UK pressing of 2004 album features 13 tracks including 2 bonus tracks, "Amourissima" and "L'Amour Ne Dure Pas Toujours". Feist is a Canadian songstress, hailing from Toronto. Her first album "Let It Die," is produced by Renaud Letang and Gonzales. Feist has been Gonzales' fellow for years. Part of the Canadian collective band, Broken Social Scene, Gonzales convinced her to come to Paris to record this first album. The journey started in an out of time, out of norm atmosphere, whose lush grooves are offset by a thoroughly enjoyable live performance, with members of the Germany via Toronto Kitty-Yo crew such as Peaches, Gonzales, & Taylor Savvy. Features 13 tracks including the singles "Mushroom" and "One Evening" (on Universal, Polydor, 2004).

Feist "Let It Die" album tracklisting:
1. Gatekeeper
2. Mushaboom
3. Let It Die
4. One Evening
5. Leisure Suite
6. Lonely Lonely
7. When I Was A Young Girl
8. Secret Heart
9. Inside And Out
10. Tout Doucement
11. Now At Last
12. Amourissima [*]
13. L'Amour Ne Dure Pas Toujours [*]
(* bonus tracks)

Feist "Let It Die" album: ORDER IT NOW.


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