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John Kerry supported by Sheryl Crow

John Kerry supported by Bruce Springsteen

John Kerry supported by Bruce Springsteen. Bruce Springsteen now officially supports John Kerry and John Edwards:

"Published on Friday, October 29, 2004 by The Progressive
Springsteen, Kerry Draw Huge Crowd in Madison, Wisconsin
by Matthew Rothschild

Bruce Springsteen and John Kerry electrified a huge crowd in Madison, Wisconsin, at midday rally on October 28.
Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle estimated the crowd at "more than 80,000."

Bruce Springsteen, who is traveling with the John Kerry campaign for the last five days of the election drive, opened his two-song set with "Promised Land." In the song, he urges people to "blow away the lies that leave you nothing but lost and broken hearted."

Then Bruce Springsteen spoke directly to the audience. "I've been writing songs about America for thirty year, about what America stands for, and what America fights for," he said. "The essential ideas of America's identity are what is at stake November 2."

He praised John Kerry for honoring America's ideals, for addressing issues of economic justice, health care, civil rights, the environment, for advocating "a sane and responsible foreign policy," and for "safeguarding our precious democracy."

He said John Kerry has "an adult view" of our place in the world and "understands that we are not infallible." He said John Kerry has helped America face its "hard truths" and find a "deeper patriotism" and will "make our world a better and a safer place."

Bruce Springsteen invoked the name of Paul Wellstone, mentioning that the late Senator from Minnesota had a saying, "The future is for the passionate." To that, Bruce Springsteen added: "Well, the future is now, and let your passions loose. The country we carry in our hearts is waiting."

He ended with John Kerry's anthem, "No Retreat, No Surrender," which contains the line, "I want to sleep underneath peaceful skies.""

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