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John Kerry supported by Sheryl Crow. Sheryl Crow performed at John Kerry's Early Vote rally at Jaycee Park in Las Vegas last Tuesday. Award winning actor John Cusack and National Labor presidents James Hoffa and Gerald W. McEntee were also attend. The event was free and open to the public.

Sheryl Crow now officially supports John Kerry and she has written a special message on her website about that:

"Personal Message from Sheryl Crow 10/26/04
Hello everyone. I am finally coming out of "hiding" to address what I feel is happening in our country. I am filled with fear, anger, despair, most of all, sadness at how the American people have been manipulated throughout these last 3 1/2 years and especially during this election time. I am concerned that we are not demanding better for ourselves from the media, but particularly from our government and our party leaders.

Do we not deserve better than a campaign based on fear tactics and political smear campaigns? Do we not feel we are smart enough to be able to understand the information that we need, or are we going to continue to sleep through a very destructive nightmare ahead of us. Do we not feel we are strong enough to handle the truth.

I have never, at least in my recollection, come out and asked people to vote for a particular candidate but instead, have always encouraged folks to get registered, do the research on issues that are presented, and vote. I am, in this instance, emphatically asking you to support John Kerry for more reasons than I can count.

I don't believe in all my life, or in my 20 years of really being politically active, that I have seen such dark and manipulative campaign tactics. Let's take, for instance, the trial that took place in the media, paid for by the Swiftboat Organization, (openly supporters of Pres. Bush), as to whether John Kerry was where he said he was or did what he purports to have done in the Vietnam war. Something like this, 30 years after the fact, is not to be tried in the media to the advantage of a political party. It is well documented who this man was during and after this egregious war. Anyone who was around during the hearings to end the war would remember the incredibly emotional speech he gave before the Senate begging for an end to the war... A war where our own soldiers were simply left and ultimately ignored by our own government. A war very similar to the one we are engaged in now...based on ideologies against a people whose history, culture, and previous experience with foreign occupiers we cannot and don't begin to even try to understand. Read the history books. Even I remember riots taking place around this country as a nine year old in 1971 and how it ripped our country apart. And there was Kerry at the center, peacefully and with great integrity, with firsthand experience, and with articulate conviction, begging the Senate to please end this war that had already been declared lost by it's own Secretary of Defense MacNamara early on...making his plea on behalf of the youth of America who were sent to fight for their country only to return as a "disgrace." How can the Republican party run this kind of campaign against someone as brave as Kerry, or any other Vietnam soldier...or should I say, how could this Whitehouse allow it's own contributors, veterans themselves of the Vietnam war, to take such a lowdown tact as to undermine the credibility of one of it's own. How could the administration, one that is lead by someone who has not only never served in a war but managed to advantageously avoid it, defame such an important part of our history: this war that should be looked at and studied in relationship to the war we are in now.

I am sickened by this whole campaign but mostly because we are continually bombarded with propaganda insisting that we buy into the idea that it was necessary for us to enter this war without the support of the world community. Are we not expected to see it for what it really is...a war based on greed that was in the planning stages all the way back to when these same war mongers were in office under Bush, Sr., ignoring the pathos this country has striven to keep: that preemptive striking and preventive striking are two very different things. These are the architects of such treaties that intimate that we should always have the right to preventive and preemptive striking. Do these people think that we don't ask questions about our presence there? (If the Iraqi people are so persecuted and oppressed by this heinous leader, then when will we be entering Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria?) The thought that this administration thinks so little of the American people that they can lie to us and try to make us believe that this was in response to 9/11, that it was imperative to protect ourselves from future terrorist acts, that our country would somehow be safer....well, it does a massive disservice to the people of this country. We are not buying if for one second..knowing now what we know about the search for WMDs and the findings of investigative reports on the search for these weapons. Was this not the basis for our entrance into this war?

Who are we supposed to believe if our government is lying to us? Do we not ask ourselves, is it good enough that our own education system is failing and yet we are building new schools in Iraq? Is it good enough that our own people are losing jobs everyday while people in our own administration are making money off of this war? Does it not make us question how much higher gas prices can go and yet this administration does nothing to encourage other means of fuel? In fact, when it comes, not only to our dependence on outside oil (while our own president's family is so closely intertwined with foreign oil families), but to the environment, this administration has not only shown no leadership in the world but is so in bed with corporations that they have protected their own business dealings and relationships with big campaign contributors by sacrificing our air, water, ozone, climate systems, etc., through legislation.

I beg everyone to please do the research. Please do not buy into the propaganda of political pundits. Everyone of these people have a job to do, as well as their own motivations. If you have not been reading the papers, or if you read the papers but don't know which papers are right wing and which are liberal, please find nonpartisan platforms to help you find your way through this. It's not okay that our children are going to have to suffer the consequences of this administration's decisions. The line you are being serviced right now that says it sends a message to terrorist communities that we will be weakened if we elect John Kerry or that we will be more vulnerable is the same fear tactics the Republicans have been so successfully using on us since 9/11. We have to find a way to have credibility in the world arena again, credibility we have lost....and for those of you who have traveled, you know we are considered arrogant outside of America, thanks to this administration's complete and total disregard for it's prior relationships in the world, as well as for the folks at home.

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Yours respectfully,
Sheryl Crow"

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