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October 04, 2004


Thank you for sharing the info. I always appreciate this weblog. I'm Tadashi, a big fan of CHICAGO. Living in Japan. Allow me to speak poor English.

By the way, as to the title name of JASON SCHEFF stuff, please say "Kimi wo Nidoto Hanasanai" in Japanese. In English, it means "I won't let you go again."


#02 "Kimi wo Nidoto Hanasanai" by JASON SCHEFF
Originally released on 1982/4/5, as the name "I'LL NEVER LET YOU GO." From the album WEEKEND FLY TO THE SUN.

#05 "City Nights" by WILL CHAMPLIN
Originally released on 1981/6/21. Same song title. From the album Sea Breeze.

P.S. It seems that another complilation of KADOMATSU T will be released in Oct. 27. A version of his 'ballad' covers. But now I don't know the details.

Thank you

Hello, I came to this site for the first time. I suppose you've made it a very excellent work here.
By the way, I am crazy about Westcoast Music and Kadomatsu works.
But "Kimi Wo Nidoto Hanasanai" was oridinally released in 1992, from the album ARUGAMAMANI (sorry it's Japanese title, in English "As you are" I guess.)
The next compilation album will include the great performance by Gino Vanneli,Jason Schef and Tommy Funderberg.
Besides, Jay Graydon will play the wire-choir-guitar just like "It'll be alright" from Airplay "Romantic"
If possible, you should get it and listen!

"I don't ever want to let you go again" is wonderful!! Incredible performance by the talented Jasson Scheff. He sounds so sexy and passionate i9n this song, sultry, soulfull and full of energy. And his other performance on the Kadomatsu ballad collection, "Distance", is also verybeautiful. I am crazy for hearing more of thia Man!!

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