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Marc Jordan: Make Believe Ballroom


Marc Jordan "Make Believe Ballroom" new album has been released on Blue Note/EMI Canada on October 19, 2004. It's the first Marc Jordan new studio album since "This Is How Men Cry" in 1999. Marc Jordan "Make Believe Ballroom" features great Smooth and Traditional Jazz: "Lulu The Acrobat," "Let's Waste Some Time" (a nice duet with Molly Johnson), "Everytime We Say Goodbye," "I Must Have Said Your Name Out Loud" (sensitive accordion parts) ; Westcoast Music: "When Rita Takes The "A"," "Shot Down My Heart" (listen to the backing vocals!) and great poetic songs: "Tears Of Hercules," like nobody else like Marc Jordan can sing and love songs "Best Part Of My Life."

You can listen to some free audio samples of Marc Jordan "Make Believe Ballroom" new album at this adress.

Marc Jordan "Make Believe Ballroom" album tracklisting:
1. Lulu The Acrobat
2. Let's Waste Some Time (duet with Molly Johnson)
3. When Rita Takes The "A"
6. Shot Down My Heart
7. Everytime We Say Goodbye
8. Timbutktu
9. Best Part Of My Life
10. I Must Have Said Your Name Out Loud
11. From A Late Night Train

From Marc Jordan official website:

"In the middle of a tour of Northern Ontario, Marc Jordan is smiling attentively on his cell phone. He's listening to his son play some new licks on his saxophone. Pride isn't quite the word to describe his expression. That would invoke too much ownership. The look is more of an empathy that embraces the unconscious discipline of discovery found in a child like heart. It's been a long time since Marina Del Ray first charted in the late seventies and somehow Marc's own creative spark remains fresh and inspired on this latest effort, Make Believe Ballroom.

When he speaks of his father's journey as a singer and voice teacher, you know he understands the sweet sadness of life and it's connection to music.

It's in his spine. He shuffles around this planet observing the connective tissue of metaphor, the poetry of life - mining phrases that might capture something beyond words. A well-known songwriter once called him "the real deal". So what the hell does that mean? Maybe it means how many of us would respond to life if we had such an eloquent reflex. Marc Jordan's voice and songs are how he howls at the moon. They take many listeners to a place that the heart understands before the intellect can comment.

Even before you wrestle with the shrink wrap that hermetically seals "Make Believe Ballroom," you already know there will be new little pieces of life funneled through a pleasing Universal translator we call Marc Jordan.

And you might loftily opine as to which damn song is better than all the others as you float freely through the atmosphere of "Lulu The Acrobat," the orchestral soundtrack feel of "Tears Of Hercules", the R&B strains of "Shot Down My Heart" as well as the jazz standard territory of "Everytime We Say Goodbye". But collectively the songs will tug on the heart and somehow manage to uplift - a good trick if you can do it."


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