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Stevie Wonder Stars in a TV Ad Encouraging African-American Voters: "On November 2, Vote With All Your Might"

Stevie Wonder Stars in a TV Ad Encouraging African-American Voters: "On November 2, Vote With All Your Might". In the final push toward Election Day, the November 2 campaign has unveiled a new TV advertisement and public service announcement featuring Stevie Wonder that they hope will encourage African-American voters to hit the polls in record numbers, even in the face of reports of voter fraud and intimidation in communities across the country.

The PSA features images of ordinary people of color against rural and urban backdrops wearing the campaign's signature "November 2" T-shirts. Stevie Wonder plays his rendition of "America the Beautiful" on the harmonica and says: "Many fought for the right. Many died for the right. You can't just talk about how you want this country to be. On November 2, vote with all your might."

The television and radio ads will be broadcast during television programming popular with African-American audiences in Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, Orlando and Miami. Visit to view the ad.

November 2 campaign organizers say they hope the ad will encourage the country to stand up and vote, especially relevant to African-Americans in the face of growing documented reports of voter intimidation and fraud. In Oregon and Nevada, voter registration forms were destroyed by the firm hired to collect them. In Columbus, Ohio, dozens of local voters received phone calls from people fraudulently claiming to represent the local county board of elections, telling them to go to the wrong voting location on Election Day. In Florida, 75,000 absentee ballots had to be re-mailed after they disappeared from the post office.

"This year, we're not backing down," said Mark Ritchie, executive director for National Voice, which is managing the November 2 campaign. "We won't have a repeat of Florida 2000 -- or Mississippi 1964, for that matter. On November 2, we're going to make sure everyone who wants to vote, does vote."

The November 2 campaign is encouraging people who experience or witness an incident of voter intimidation on Election Day to get help by calling 866-OUR-VOTE and document the incident online at The campaign also encourages voters to support one another, and asks that the polls stay open until every eligible voter has cast their ballot.

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Paul Simon is going to Perform at the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation November Gala, "A Magical Evening"

Paul Simon is going to Perform at the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation November Gala, "A Magical Evening". Legendary singer and songwriter, Paul Simon, will perform at The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation's (CRPF) gala, "A Magical Evening," on November 18th at the Marriott Marquis (Springfield, New Jersey), it was announced by Kathy Lewis, President and CEO of CRPF. Paul Simon, a friend of Christopher Reeve, will appear in support of the Foundation.

"Throughout his Hall of Fame career, Paul Simon has touched generations of people all over the world with his musical eloquence and poetry," said Ms. Lewis. "His presence at our gala will no doubt inspire and unite us as we remember and celebrate Christopher Reeve's heroic life. All of us at the Foundation are so appreciative of his participation."

Actor Glenn Close will receive the Human Spirit Award in honor of her generosity and dedication to the Foundation's mission. Actor William H. Macy will be a Special Presenter, and Dr. John W. Rowe, chairman and CEO of Aetna will receive the CRPF Visionary Leadership Award in recognition of his professional achievements, civic contributions and support of CRPF. The funds will be used to develop treatments and cures for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury and other central nervous system disorders; as well as to improve the quality of life for people living with disabilities.

The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation (CRPF) is committed to funding research that develops treatments and cures for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury and other central nervous system disorders. The Foundation also vigorously works to improve the quality of life for people living with disabilities through its grants program, paralysis resource center, and advocacy efforts. For more information, please call (800) 225-0292.

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Glen Burtnik's Xmas Xtravaganza Returns To New Jersey


Home For The Holidays: Glen Burtnik's Xmas Xtravaganza Returns To New Jersey. After 15 years of performances held mainly in New York City, Glen Burtnik is bringing his annual Xmas Xtravaganza to his hometown of New Brunswick, NJ. The show, which features over thirty talented musicians and benefits the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, will be held on Friday December 10th, at the State Theatre, 15 Livingston Avenue in New Brunswick. Tickets go on sale Friday, November 5th.

Glen Burtnick's annual holiday show has grown larger each year, evolving into a New York-New Jersey area tradition not to be missed. It features a colorful cast of characters which changes from year to year, but has included such luminaries as Patty Smyth, John McEnroe, Phoebe Snow, Marshall Crenshaw, The Patti Smith Band, Fred Schneider (B-52's), Jill Sobule, Idina Menzel, Jeffrey Gaines, Freedy Johnston, Steve Augeri (Journey), Dan Bern, John Waite, Curtis Stigers, STYX, Mary Lee Kortes, and Willie Nile, among others. Shows have been sold out for the past four years running.

"It's a celebration of the music of the season," says Glen Burtnik, "which I've always found a magically effective genre. Once I realized it was a worthwhile undertaking, I decided it'd be most appropriate to the spirit of the show to give the profit to people in need. Each year, I've sent the do-re-mi to two NY/NJ area food banks, which effectively distribute food to the poor in the area. A lotta people need help in this world, and when I began the show, the focus was on distant countries (Band Aid, We Are The World). But I also know there are political complications - I once read a convincing article suggesting much of the food sent as a result of Live Aid ended up rotting in warehouses due to the politics of the region. Hence, I chose to go with the old addage 'Charity Begins At Home', in hopes of helping people near where I live."

This year marks the first time Glen Burtnick's holiday show has been held in his hometown of New Brunswick. "Bringing the Xmas Xtravaganza to my hometown, in this gorgeous venue is a bit of a full circle for me personally. It's the movie house of my youth. When I was a kid, my folks would drop me off at the State Theatre, where I saw films that changed my life, like "Let It Be" and "Woodstock". And now, to have all these elements coming together - my family, my friends, and the musicians I admire - for the cause of helping those who need help locally, well, it's really quite an occasion."

The historic State Theatre is a magnificently renovated 1921 1800-seat vaudeville and silent film
palace that is today a premier center for the performing arts. "I take the overall show as a great compliment," continues Glen Burtnik. "That all these amazing artists, assistants and technicians
donate time for no pay so I can raise some money for local charities. This is a blessing I do not take lightly. That the audience brings so many giant Hefty bags full of canned food, warm clothes and toys so my family and I can distribute them to soup kitchens and family shelters - simply because I ASK, is a gesture which causes me to tear up."

WHEN: Friday, December 10th @ 8:00 PM
WHERE: The State Theatre, 15 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 08901. 1-877-STATE-11 or 732-246-7469.
TICKETS: $35, $30, $25, $20, available at State Theatre Box Office or

A benefit for New Jersey food banks and Elijah's Promise in New Brunswick. Audience members are encouraged to contribute warm clothes, new toys and canned food for those less fortunate.

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Powerful Marketing Program And Concert Series Kicks Off On INHD2 With Live Bon Jovi Concert/Webcast November 21st

Powerful Marketing Program And Concert Series Kicks Off On INHD2 With Live Bon Jovi Concert/Webcast November 21st.

Worldwide music superstar, Jon Bon Jovi has just joined Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a world leader in high-definition television and digital convergence technology products, and the cable industry's OnlyCableCan initiative, to launch a partnership that will bring superlative High Definition music events and concerts to an expanding group of cable customers. An exclusive, intimate live Bon Jovi concert will kick-off a powerful consumer promotion and a unique and exciting schedule of "INHD's Center Stage" music events, exclusively sponsored by Samsung through 2005, on INHD/INHD2 -- the most widely distributed all High-Definition (HD) network channel. The concert will air live on INHD2 at 8 pm on Sunday, November 21, 2004. The concert will also be simulcast on the Web at and a replay of the event on INHD2 for viewers on the west coast will air immediately following the live show.

"Samsung, OnlyCableCan, and INHD are joining forces to promote the high definition experience in a way it's never been done before - with high-profile musical artists showcasing all the visual excitement of HD and the unparalleled sonic experience of music in 5.1 surround," said Peter Weedfald, Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Samsung Electronics America, Inc. "This unique win-win partnership not only highlights the benefits of HD as offered via cable and Samsung's award-winning HDTV line, but it is creating and fueling a new outlet for artists to promote and market their latest releases. As a leader in high definition television, Samsung enthusiastically supports the efforts by OnlyCableCan and INHD to give cable customers an extraordinary combination of sight and sound."

The program will run from October 19th, 2004 until February 5th, 2005. Throughout that time, there will be monthly concerts featuring high-profile music artists on INHD/INHD2.

The November 21st Bon Jovi concert coincides with the November 16th release of a long-awaited Bon Jovi "think outside the box" set titled, "100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong"..., from Island Records. The collection of fifty songs includes four CDs with 38 never before released recordings plus twelve rarities, as well as a bonus DVD filled with never-before-seen interview footage with the band and personal home movies from over the years.

Bon Jovi are one of the world's most popular, most prolific and most recognizable rock bands. For more than two decades, Bon Jovi have been entertaining fans around the globe. Since 1983, the band have performed more than 2,500 concerts in 50 countries before more than 32 million people and have sold more than 100,000,000 records. It's this monumental career milestone that is being celebrated with the release of "100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong..." a collection of songs from the band's vaults that have never been shared before. 2005 will bring new Bon Jovi music. In the meantime, band frontman Jon Bon Jovi continues to be a force and a visionary in the music world while pursuing acting projects and staying involved in political and philanthropic endeavors. Jon Bon Jovi has also joined the world of professional sports, as co-owner of the Arena Football League's Philadelphia Soul.

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Feist: Let It Die


Feist "Let It Die" album is very much a voice album in close up, "eye to eye and ear to ear". Carefully pieced together around Feist's seductive voice, Feist "Let It Die" album forms the missing link between the old Folk (storytelling), the Brill building era (the quest for the hook), doo-wop (melody and mood) and minimal modern pop arrangements. Like line drawings as opposed to detailed paintings, these songs leave you space to till in the emotional blanks. Its lack of complication makes "Let It Die" standout from much of today's musical offerings; put simply, a beautiful slice of sonic escapism to illustrate and interrupt the little moments that together tell us stories.
A history not lacking in variety, the Canadian born singer has accomplished much in her few tender years, so for those inquiries journo types, here are the last few years in a nut shell...

Feist "Let It Die" album is an album that will follow you easily from the bath to the bar and soundtrack your mood for both. This is an album that seems to reach nostalgically to a time when singers crossed all styles whether they were old fashioned or in fashion. This is shared privacy and it's your own life you're looking at.

The UK pressing of 2004 album features 13 tracks including 2 bonus tracks, "Amourissima" and "L'Amour Ne Dure Pas Toujours". Feist is a Canadian songstress, hailing from Toronto. Her first album "Let It Die," is produced by Renaud Letang and Gonzales. Feist has been Gonzales' fellow for years. Part of the Canadian collective band, Broken Social Scene, Gonzales convinced her to come to Paris to record this first album. The journey started in an out of time, out of norm atmosphere, whose lush grooves are offset by a thoroughly enjoyable live performance, with members of the Germany via Toronto Kitty-Yo crew such as Peaches, Gonzales, & Taylor Savvy. Features 13 tracks including the singles "Mushroom" and "One Evening" (on Universal, Polydor, 2004).

Feist "Let It Die" album tracklisting:
1. Gatekeeper
2. Mushaboom
3. Let It Die
4. One Evening
5. Leisure Suite
6. Lonely Lonely
7. When I Was A Young Girl
8. Secret Heart
9. Inside And Out
10. Tout Doucement
11. Now At Last
12. Amourissima [*]
13. L'Amour Ne Dure Pas Toujours [*]
(* bonus tracks)

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Watch Fahrenheit 9/11 (Michael Moore) Now Free At Russell Beattie Blog


Watch Fahrenheit 9/11 (Michael Moore) Now Free At Russell Beattie Blog. Famous blogger Russell Beattie has just put a link directly to download the Michael Moore Documentary "Watch Fahrenheit 9/11" for free.

See Russell Beattie article there:
"Watch Fahrenheit 9/11 Now
Posted on Friday, October 29, 2004 08:44:51 PM
Please feel free to check out Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 online in streaming video now (available until I get a takedown order). I snagged the movie file from somewhere online and all I could find was Windows .wmv format, sorry.
I think this is a very important movie to see, especially in light of today's news. It's a very small screen version, with not very clear sound around 40MB. Please feel free to "Save As" to watch it on your mobile device later if you like.

The comments of the same article indicate mirror websites to download the film.

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Aerosmith Won't Play For John Kerry


Aerosmith Won't Play For John Kerry. Launch Radio Networks is reporting that if Democratic Presidential candidate Senator John Kerry wins the election on Tuesday, he probably shouldn't invite Aerosmith to play for him. Kerry wanted Aerosmith to play the Democratic convention in Boston in late July, but the band was on tour in Japan, so frontman Steven Tyler said they'd play the inaugural if John Kerry won.

However, drummer Joey Kramer (from Aerosmith) told Launch that there won't be any such appearances. "The band will not be performing for John Kerry. Unfortunately, he (Steven Tyler) volunteers his own services, and he volunteered the services of the band, but unfortunately at the time, I think he forgot to discuss it with the rest of us. And everybody has their views and feelings politically — obviously, we don't all agree — and so, you know, we couldn't come to a, a decision, and so it was decided not to get done."
(Via Blabbermouth).

The band Aerosmith will release the following DVD on Nov. 23 (Sony Music): Aerosmith "You Gotta Move Live (Amaray Case)".

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Bernie Leadon (formerly from The Eagles) interview


Eddy from the website Rock Of Ages had recently an interview with Bernie Leadon (formerly from The Eagles). You can read his Bernie Leadon interview there; some quotes:

"- You returned to Linda Ronstadt, where you met with three people which would define your career for the next few years. How was it decided to leave Ronstadt and form the Eagles ?
Glenn Frey and Don Henley had already decided to work together, and had Meisner pretty well into it. I heard about it through a friend, and I called John Boylan, who managed and produced Linda Ronstadt at the time. He was helping Don Henley and Glenn Frey. He paid for a rehearsal space for us to try it out. He wanted to produce the band, but he didn’t get to do that.

- You went to London to record the first album...
I guess going to London to record the first album with Glyn Johns at Olympic Studios had to be the most exciting recollection of the Eagles era. And then during playbacks there, other producers were coming in saying "that's a hit" and "this one's a hit, too".

- Also "Desperado" was recorded in London, but a different studio...
Yes, Olympic was booked, so we went to the Island Studios on Basing Street.

- Why did you leave ?
First of all, before I left the band, all four of the albums I played on were million sellers, just in the U.S. As I left, the record company put out the first "Greatest Hits, Vol. 1," which immediately sold about 10 million copies in the U.S. It is now the biggest selling record of all time in the U.S., selling more than 27 million copies so far. That is quite a few more than "Hotel California" has sold. And all those records have sold many more millions worldwide. Secondly, it was my choice to leave when I did. I did it for good reasons, and do not regret it."

Bernie Leadon has an official website.

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John Kerry supported by Sheryl Crow


John Kerry supported by Sheryl Crow. Sheryl Crow performed at John Kerry's Early Vote rally at Jaycee Park in Las Vegas last Tuesday. Award winning actor John Cusack and National Labor presidents James Hoffa and Gerald W. McEntee were also attend. The event was free and open to the public.

Sheryl Crow now officially supports John Kerry and she has written a special message on her website about that:

"Personal Message from Sheryl Crow 10/26/04
Hello everyone. I am finally coming out of "hiding" to address what I feel is happening in our country. I am filled with fear, anger, despair, most of all, sadness at how the American people have been manipulated throughout these last 3 1/2 years and especially during this election time. I am concerned that we are not demanding better for ourselves from the media, but particularly from our government and our party leaders.

Do we not deserve better than a campaign based on fear tactics and political smear campaigns? Do we not feel we are smart enough to be able to understand the information that we need, or are we going to continue to sleep through a very destructive nightmare ahead of us. Do we not feel we are strong enough to handle the truth.

I have never, at least in my recollection, come out and asked people to vote for a particular candidate but instead, have always encouraged folks to get registered, do the research on issues that are presented, and vote. I am, in this instance, emphatically asking you to support John Kerry for more reasons than I can count.

I don't believe in all my life, or in my 20 years of really being politically active, that I have seen such dark and manipulative campaign tactics. Let's take, for instance, the trial that took place in the media, paid for by the Swiftboat Organization, (openly supporters of Pres. Bush), as to whether John Kerry was where he said he was or did what he purports to have done in the Vietnam war. Something like this, 30 years after the fact, is not to be tried in the media to the advantage of a political party. It is well documented who this man was during and after this egregious war. Anyone who was around during the hearings to end the war would remember the incredibly emotional speech he gave before the Senate begging for an end to the war... A war where our own soldiers were simply left and ultimately ignored by our own government. A war very similar to the one we are engaged in now...based on ideologies against a people whose history, culture, and previous experience with foreign occupiers we cannot and don't begin to even try to understand. Read the history books. Even I remember riots taking place around this country as a nine year old in 1971 and how it ripped our country apart. And there was Kerry at the center, peacefully and with great integrity, with firsthand experience, and with articulate conviction, begging the Senate to please end this war that had already been declared lost by it's own Secretary of Defense MacNamara early on...making his plea on behalf of the youth of America who were sent to fight for their country only to return as a "disgrace." How can the Republican party run this kind of campaign against someone as brave as Kerry, or any other Vietnam soldier...or should I say, how could this Whitehouse allow it's own contributors, veterans themselves of the Vietnam war, to take such a lowdown tact as to undermine the credibility of one of it's own. How could the administration, one that is lead by someone who has not only never served in a war but managed to advantageously avoid it, defame such an important part of our history: this war that should be looked at and studied in relationship to the war we are in now.

I am sickened by this whole campaign but mostly because we are continually bombarded with propaganda insisting that we buy into the idea that it was necessary for us to enter this war without the support of the world community. Are we not expected to see it for what it really is...a war based on greed that was in the planning stages all the way back to when these same war mongers were in office under Bush, Sr., ignoring the pathos this country has striven to keep: that preemptive striking and preventive striking are two very different things. These are the architects of such treaties that intimate that we should always have the right to preventive and preemptive striking. Do these people think that we don't ask questions about our presence there? (If the Iraqi people are so persecuted and oppressed by this heinous leader, then when will we be entering Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria?) The thought that this administration thinks so little of the American people that they can lie to us and try to make us believe that this was in response to 9/11, that it was imperative to protect ourselves from future terrorist acts, that our country would somehow be safer....well, it does a massive disservice to the people of this country. We are not buying if for one second..knowing now what we know about the search for WMDs and the findings of investigative reports on the search for these weapons. Was this not the basis for our entrance into this war?

Who are we supposed to believe if our government is lying to us? Do we not ask ourselves, is it good enough that our own education system is failing and yet we are building new schools in Iraq? Is it good enough that our own people are losing jobs everyday while people in our own administration are making money off of this war? Does it not make us question how much higher gas prices can go and yet this administration does nothing to encourage other means of fuel? In fact, when it comes, not only to our dependence on outside oil (while our own president's family is so closely intertwined with foreign oil families), but to the environment, this administration has not only shown no leadership in the world but is so in bed with corporations that they have protected their own business dealings and relationships with big campaign contributors by sacrificing our air, water, ozone, climate systems, etc., through legislation.

I beg everyone to please do the research. Please do not buy into the propaganda of political pundits. Everyone of these people have a job to do, as well as their own motivations. If you have not been reading the papers, or if you read the papers but don't know which papers are right wing and which are liberal, please find nonpartisan platforms to help you find your way through this. It's not okay that our children are going to have to suffer the consequences of this administration's decisions. The line you are being serviced right now that says it sends a message to terrorist communities that we will be weakened if we elect John Kerry or that we will be more vulnerable is the same fear tactics the Republicans have been so successfully using on us since 9/11. We have to find a way to have credibility in the world arena again, credibility we have lost....and for those of you who have traveled, you know we are considered arrogant outside of America, thanks to this administration's complete and total disregard for it's prior relationships in the world, as well as for the folks at home.

sites to look at:,

Yours respectfully,
Sheryl Crow"

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John Kerry supported by Bruce Springsteen

John Kerry supported by Bruce Springsteen. Bruce Springsteen now officially supports John Kerry and John Edwards:

"Published on Friday, October 29, 2004 by The Progressive
Springsteen, Kerry Draw Huge Crowd in Madison, Wisconsin
by Matthew Rothschild

Bruce Springsteen and John Kerry electrified a huge crowd in Madison, Wisconsin, at midday rally on October 28.
Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle estimated the crowd at "more than 80,000."

Bruce Springsteen, who is traveling with the John Kerry campaign for the last five days of the election drive, opened his two-song set with "Promised Land." In the song, he urges people to "blow away the lies that leave you nothing but lost and broken hearted."

Then Bruce Springsteen spoke directly to the audience. "I've been writing songs about America for thirty year, about what America stands for, and what America fights for," he said. "The essential ideas of America's identity are what is at stake November 2."

He praised John Kerry for honoring America's ideals, for addressing issues of economic justice, health care, civil rights, the environment, for advocating "a sane and responsible foreign policy," and for "safeguarding our precious democracy."

He said John Kerry has "an adult view" of our place in the world and "understands that we are not infallible." He said John Kerry has helped America face its "hard truths" and find a "deeper patriotism" and will "make our world a better and a safer place."

Bruce Springsteen invoked the name of Paul Wellstone, mentioning that the late Senator from Minnesota had a saying, "The future is for the passionate." To that, Bruce Springsteen added: "Well, the future is now, and let your passions loose. The country we carry in our hearts is waiting."

He ended with John Kerry's anthem, "No Retreat, No Surrender," which contains the line, "I want to sleep underneath peaceful skies.""

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